Prometric: Customer Service & Support Number Across World

Hi Dude , Do You know the importance of Prometric customer service support & e-mail support .Is anybody think why it is need for us .Now a day’s everybody having electronics products like Mobile phones , television, Computers, laptops, tablets, software’s ,Game Consoles in their home. When they are using electronics products definitely they face a problem of their products. In a practical way not possible to go meet the person in a product company. We have only one source to solve this Problem .

Prometric Customer Service Support

Customer service support team help to solve the entire problem, without the customer service support the Customer relationship will be broken.”Good product should provide good service “, so customer need the awareness o f the importance Customer service support & email Support.

Is Prometric customer service necessary?

Is customer service necessary? Yep, of course because if you buy any product, gives trouble, we can’t go to the place and to intimate our problem because it is a tedious process too…,So use the customer service provided by the product company to as your query with in a sitting place itself. Make use of customer service phone number & email support to solve your device problem.” Take care of your customers and they will take care of your business”

Prometric Customer support service number

Are you looking for Prometric Customer support service number & Email Support, We are here to help, enhance, and impressive the customer satisfaction by tendering our technical assistance .If any problem or doubt occurs, below I mentioned Prometric: Customer Service & Support Number Across World.




603 7628 3333


IT Examinations


All Other Examinations



IT Examinations (by country):

Austria: 0-800-298-582 / (31)320239893

Belgium: 0-800-1-7414 /(31)320239892

Denmark: 802-40-830

Finland: 800-93343

France: 0-800-807-790 / (31)320239899

Germany: 0-800 1839 708 / (31)320239891

Great Britain: 0-800-592-873 / (31)320239895

Ireland: 1-800-626-104 / (31)320239897

Israel: 800-9242007

Italy: 0-800-878-441 / (31)320239896

Netherlands: 0-800-022-7584 / (31)320239890

Norway: 800-30164Poland: 00800-4411321

Portugal: 0800-203589

Russia: 7095-580-9456

South Africa: 0800-991120 / (27)11 7130605

Spain: 900 151210 / (31)320239898

Sweden: 0200 117023

Switzerland: 0800-556966

Turkey: 800-449-14073

All Other Examinations

Africa: 31320239593

Europe: 31320239540

Middle East: 31320239530


IT Examinations


All Other Examinations



IT Examinations


All Other Examinations


Request a Reimbursement

Please print and mail to the following address: (except for mileage, copies of receipts must be included)

Prometric Operations Center

ATTN: Reimbursement Committee

7941 Corporate Drive
Nottingham, MD 21236

The Reimbursement Committee will review requests and email decisions to candidates within 7-10 business days of receipt unless further research and/or documentation are required.  Reimbursement requests made via phone will not be accepted.

Note: If you are requesting a refund for AHIMA, CPA, ETS, AAMC, ICMA or FINRA exam fees, please contact the organizations directly.

Loss of wages will not be reimbursed per the Prometric refund policy. If you are requesting a reimbursement for expenses incurred while testing for ETS exams, such as GRE, TOEFL or Praxis, please contact ETS directly with your reimbursement.


If you are requesting a response concerning the exam content, registration, scheduling or test administration (testing site procedures, equipment, personnel, etc.), please follow one of the below options.·         For candidates testing in North America and Latin America, a written appeal is required.


Your appeal letter must include:

1.     Your name

2.     Your Social Security number

3.     Exam title

4.     Date tested

5.     Details of your concern, including all relevant facts

6.     Your signature and return address

NOTE: If you are requesting an appeal for CPA, ETS, AAMC, ICMA, FINRA or NMLS exams, please contact these organizations directly.

Mail your appeal letter to:

ATTN: Appeal Committee
7941 Corporate Dr.
Nottingham, MD 21236

NOTE: This is a mailing address only.

The Appeal Committee will review your concern and send you a written response within 20 business days of receipt. Faxed appeals will not be accepted, as an original signature is required.