Preschool Mother’s Day Crafts With Tea Towels Skip

Present Mom with the perfect gift on Mother’s Day — perfect because it’s handmade with love. Tea towels might seem like a relatively unexciting kitchen adornment, but with a little creativity and imagination, your child can transform them into amazing works of art that any mother would love to show off with pride.

Tea Towel Paint Job

Create a bright and beautiful tea towel for Mom to display in the kitchen. You can encourage your child to go creativity and color crazy with a paintbrush and non-toxic paint, or help her rein in her design a little by using stencils instead. Make stamps from sponges for your youngster to create a decorative stamped border, or show your child a brand new use for potatoes and cut them into shapes to use for the stamping project. Mom will light up over a lifelong keepsake, created by making hand prints in paint all over the towel.

Tea Towel Angel

If Mom seems like an angel who was sent from heaven, a tea towel angel is a suiting gift. You can use a plain, white tea towel for the craft, or dress it up a little by decorating each short end of the towel — this will create the angel’s hem. Work on a little fine motor skill development by having your child fold the tea towel in half width-wise and then gathering the towel about 3 inches below the fold to form the head. Wrap a ribbon around the gathered section and tie it in a tight bow. Wrap one end of a chenille stick around the ribbon and make a loop at the other end to make the angel’s halo. You can also turn the craft into a doll by gluing on an adorable little hat and drawing or sewing on facial features.

Tea Towel Photo Frame

Use a tea towel as a matte frame for the back of your child’s photo, or turn the entire tea towel into a fabric frame to hang on the wall. To turn the towel into matting, take the backing out of a picture frame and cut the towel about 1-inch larger on each side. Glue the tea towel around the backing and stick it back in the frame. For a fabric photo frame, have your child decorate the tea towel with puffy paint, fabric paint and glue-on ribbons and bows. Now, center a piece of vinyl photo covering on the tea towel and use hot glue to attach the sides and bottom edge — this is a step for grownups, so keep little hands away. Pick out a favorite picture of Mom and child together and slide the photo into the frame.

Tea Towel Pillow Cover

Help your child create a decorative cover for a pillow small enough to fit inside a folded tea towel — a doll’s bed pillow is a good choice. Decorate the tea towel on one side with any art and craft supplies you like. When the adornments look amazing, lay the tea towel out flat, fold it in half and insert the pillow within the fold. Gather all four corners of the folded tea towel and wrap elastic bands around each of the corners. Now for the finishing touches; help your youngster practice her tying skills by adding ribbons over the top of each elastic band.