Mickey Mouse Arts & Crafts Ideas for Young Children Skip

Mickey Mouse has been entertaining children and adults alike since Disney’s 1928 premiere of “Steamboat Willie.” If your youngster’s become a fanatical fan of this classic cartoon mouse, incorporate Mickey into arts and crafts time to encourage his creativity, imagination and artistic talent. Include a couple Mickey Mouse-themed crafts at your child’s next birthday party and the event might just be the buzz of the preschool playground for weeks!

Mickey Mouse Crafty Snacks

Snack time doesn’t mean that craft time is over; bring Mickey Mouse arts and crafts into the kitchen to encourage your child’s creativity even more. You can make a batch of sugar cookies together and cut them into Mickey Mouse shapes. When they’re baked and cooled, dunk them in milk chocolate, cool in the fridge and let your child give each cookie an icing face. If cupcakes are your favorite sweet treat, top them with icing and a pair of round, chocolate wafer cookie ears. For a healthier Mickey Mouse craft in the kitchen, make melon ball faces and attach raisin ears, eyes and a nose with cream cheese. One more healthy Mickey Mouse snack: place a round slice of melon on your child’s plate and help her decorate it with cucumber slice ears, blueberry eyes and a peeled, sliced grape nose.

Crafty Costume Accessories

A few simple arts and crafts projects will provide your youngster with costume accessories for hours of imaginative play. You can form a sheet of construction paper into a cone-shaped hat and glue on a pair of construction paper ears. If you’re in a hurry, you can skip the cone hat and attach the ears to an ordinary headband instead. Make a costume craft that will last through rough play; a pair of two-layered felt ears, strengthened with a card stock or cardboard center and glued to a baseball cap with non-toxic fabric glue. Don’t forget about a tail! Make one from a long strip of felt or string and attach it around the waist with a ribbon waistband.

Mickey Mouse Ornaments

Make Mickey Mouse ornaments at craft time to decorate the house any time of the year. You can help your child make a simple ornament from construction paper or felt; cut it into the shape of face and ears and have your child decorate it with regular or fabric paint and then attach it to a ribbon loop. You can also make ornaments from any size polystyrene foam sphere. Just have your child paint it black and let it dry. Make two slits in the top and slide in a pair of mouse ears. If you have a set of Mickey Mouse molds, make salt dough ornaments together by pressing it in the mold. Wait about 20 minutes, gently tip the dough out and let it dry thoroughly before decorating with paint. Don’t forget to poke a hole at the top before it dries to add a ribbon loop.

Crafts for Around the House

A Mickey Mouse to hang on the wall is easy to make. Start with a large paper plate face, add a pair of small paper plate ears, paint the whole face black and add a painted face to the mouse. For wall art you can frame, help your child make a Mickey Mouse collage from paint and sponges cut into mouse shapes. Use Mickey Mouse paper snack bags to decorate the kitchen counter or to send Dad to work with a one-of-a-kind lunch bag. Paint the bottom third of a brown paper bag red for the mouse’s pants and glue on two construction paper dots to complete the trousers. Paint the rest of the bag black and glue on two black construction paper ears to the top to complete the bag