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If you have children who love gross things or playing in the muck and mud, you can transform ordinary foods that your children already love into things that look like they belong in the dump. Your kids will say, “Ewwww,” and “Gross!” as they laugh and dig right in.

Garbage-Themed Cakes

If you are putting together a garbage-themed birthday party, you will need a garbage-themed cake. For a smaller gathering, you can make a cake shaped like a garbage can or a garbage truck by baking a standard cake in a rectangular cake pan, then trimming and frosting the cake to look like the can or truck.

For a party requiring a larger amount of cake, you can make a stacked cake look like a tall garbage can or something out of the dump, like a box of trash or a stack of mangled garbage. To do this, bake three to four round cakes using a standard cake recipe and 8 to 9 inch cake pans. Once the cakes are cool, frost and stack them using chocolate frosting. Cover the frosting with pieces of crushed up cookies, gummy worms and dollops of pudding colored with green food coloring to represent the dirt, bugs, and goop found in trash piles.

Individual Garbage Treats

When you put together an outdoor party or gathering, individual garbage-themed treats that kids can carry around with them are lots of fun. One of the best garbage-y treats you can make is a “cup of dirt.” To make cups of dirt, layer chocolate pudding and crushed up brownies into clear, plastic cups, then top the cups with crushed up chocolate wafers and gummy worms. Serve the cups of dirt along with fruit and cheese that look like people have already taken bites out of them. You can also sprinkle the food with green sprinkles to make it look like the food has gone moldy.

Garbage-Themed Main Courses

Pizza is a common main course at any party, but you can make the pizza look gross and trashy by carefully placing a few plastic flies or plastic worms on top of the pizza to freak out guests. Make sure that the plastic creatures are at least 2 inches long to avoid a choking hazard. If you don’t feel like serving pizza, you can add little creatures on top of just about any party food, like lasagna, sandwiches or even hamburgers. Just make sure that all of the children remove the plastic creatures before eating!

Garbage-Themed Drinks

When you prepare drinks for your child’s party, create a concoction that looks like it should belong in the garbage. For example, combine lime sherbet and lemon-lime soda in a large punch bowl to create a green and frothy ooze. You can also make a fruit smoothie by blending together bananas, frozen blueberries, orange juice and fresh spinach. The finished smoothie will be nutritious and delicious while still resembling something you might find in the garbage.

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