Kid’s Crafts for a Cupcake Themed Party Skip

Cupcakes, those hand-held servings of moist cake topped with creamy, vibrantly colored frosting and adorned with a smattering of sprinkles, are fun to look at and even better to eat. If your child loves a good cupcake, a party centered around the confection is sure to delight your little connoisseur. In addition to serving cupcakes, crafts will keep the guests entertained while they wait for that much-anticipated moment when they bite into the real thing.

Edible Craft

Expand the cupcake theme into a hands-on activity by filling an array of small bowls with different cupcake decorating items, such as colored sprinkles, candy and frosting. Before the party, bake enough cupcakes for each guest to have one. Make colored frosting by adding food coloring to white frosting ahead of time, too. Add some plastic spoons to the bowls of toppings and let the guests create their perfect cupcake. As an added bonus, the kiddos can eat their creations, which saves you time in the kitchen. Just make sure the decorating items you supply don’t pose a choking hazard to your younger guests.

Fabric Crafts

Before the party, draw large outlines of cupcakes onto white paper. Use a black marker to make the lines thick and easy to see. Provide white fabric glue and a variety of colorful fabric scraps, both plain and patterned, cut into small 2 by 2 inch squares. Encourage the party guests to glue the fabric scraps to the paper outline. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, sew a stuffed cupcake made with cotton or felt for each guest. There are many fabric cupcake patterns online and the patterns are also sold in fabric and craft stores, too. Give the guests fabric glue and craft sequins and rhinestones so they can decorate their stuffed cupcake. If you have toddlers coming, use over-sized sequins and rhinestones so they don’t pose a choking hazard and always supervise the children, as well. Send the completed project home as a party favor.

Paper Crafts

Cupcake liners have endless potential to become something interesting, so supply a variety of different colors and patterns and let your party guests go crazy. Provide safety scissors, white glue and colored paper and see what the kids come up with. Or, draw cupcake outlines on white paper with a black marker before the party. Give the guests art supplies, such as pom poms and glitter, and let them decorate the cupcake outlines by gluing the supplies inside the outline. You can also give the kids colored tissue paper squares and white craft glue so they can make a cupcake mosaic with their cupcake outline. Party guests, boys and girls alike, would enjoy taking a cupcake home after the party. Let them decorate a small dessert box, sold in most craft stores, with cupcake-themed stickers. Stick a cupcake inside and send the little treat home as a memento from the party.

Hair Accessories and Jewelry

If your guests are all girls, they might enjoy creating hair accessories and jewelry that incorporate cupcakes. Let the girls decorate small cupcakes that you’ve cut from colored felt with sequins and craft glue. Once the tiny cupcakes dry, an adult can attach them to hair rubber bands, headbands, barrettes, or rings with hot glue while the kids enjoy edible sweet treats at the table.

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