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It’s raining, it’s pouring, the kids whine, “It’s boring…”

Your children are hyped up from eating too many chocolate chip cookies at Grandma’s house. They want to go outside, but the skies have suddenly turned dark and, as quickly as you can say, “We’re staying inside,” so have their moods. Despite the $3,000 worth of toys piled up around your house, your kids have begun uttering the two-word phrase that can provoke even the calmest of parents: “We’re booooored.” If you’re searching for ideas to keep your little cookie monsters satisfied during hibernation periods, you’ve come to the right place. Keep in mind — these ideas are fun not only during rainy days or simple play dates, but also for indoor birthday parties and other inside gatherings.

Obstacle Course

Using everyday household objects and keeping safety in mind, set up an obstacle course in a kid-friendly space. Blindfold your child, then have another child or yourself tell him how many steps to take left, right or forward to maneuver through the course. The goal is to reach the end of the course without bumping into anything. If he bumps into something, he must start over.

Crazy Shake

Turn on the music and dance as hard and as silly as you can. When the music stops, you have to freeze in the position that you were in for 15 seconds. Anyone who moves has to sit down. Start the music again, repeating the process until there is only one child left standing.

Bowling Game

Turn a long hallway or an otherwise empty space into an impromptu bowling alley. For the pins, you can use empty plastic soda or water bottles. You can even weight them by putting a little bit of sand in the bottom of each one. Use a soft foam or fabric ball. Just like in a real game, each child throws the the ball twice. Keep score by giving one point for each pin that is knocked down; the child who has the highest number of points after 10 rounds wins.

Musical Chairs

This game’s a classic, and the reason it continues to be popular is because it’s a blast. If it’s been a while since you’ve played, the concept is simple. To set up the chairs, have one less chair than there are children and face them all in the same direction. Play music for about 20 to 30 seconds. When the music stops, the children have to scramble to find a chair. The child without a chair is out of the game. For each round, remove one chair until there is only one chair and one child left.