Information on Healthy Stuff for an Easter Basket for Toddlers Skip

As a parent, you may cringe at the items normally found in Easter baskets, either because of concerns for your children’s health due to all the excess sugar, or fear for your wallet when you consider the dental bills down the road from cavities. Either way, there are alternatives to the traditional candy-filled Easter basket that will still thrill your toddler, without sending the kiddo into sugar shock. It’s entirely up to you how far you want to go: some parents may just want to add in some healthy choices along with the chocolate bunnies and jelly beans, while other parents may want to go healthy all the way.


Fill your child’s Easter basket up with her favorite fruits for a sweet treat that’s a bit healthier. Bananas, apples and oranges fit neatly and easily into a basket and add some cheery color, as well. In addition to fresh fruit, you can also add small baggies or packs of dried fruits. Small dried fruit, like raisins or dried cranberries, are probably small enough for your toddler to manage on her own, but supervise her anyway. You should always cut up dried apples, peaches or other larger pieces, then put them into small baggies so she can enjoy them right away. After all, isn’t digging into your Easter basket immediately the best part?


Pretzels make a healthy alternative for filling up your child’s Easter basket, instead of jelly beans. Include small packages of your child’s favorite crackers, as well as small, flavored rice cakes and crunchy vegetable puffs, which come in several flavors available in the baby food aisle.

Dried Veggies and Other Alternatives

Toddlers might enjoy dried veggies as a snack, such as snap pea crisps. These are made to go on salads but are a great munchy snack all on their own. Include single serve squeezable yogurt or dry yogurt drops. Keep in mind that if you dye Easter eggs, the eggs themselves can be a colorful and healthy addition to your toddler’s Easter basket.


In addition to the edible treats, stick a coloring book and new crayons in there, as well as a small board book or picture book, small stuffed animal or a little puzzle