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Kids are expensive — you might think that as children grow out of the baby stage and into the toddler stage they will become less expensive since they won’t need diapers or formula anymore. You are so wrong. They just get more expensive, which is why you might just want to find something fun and free to do with your little ones. In the Baltimore area, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun with your little ones. All you have to do is give them a couple of markers and a bag of chocolate chips and they’ll be happy. For something a little more family oriented and less messy, you could try one of the many free activities for little ones in the Baltimore area.

The Book Thing

Your toddler is probably like most toddlers, and she loves the idea of princess fairytales, mysterious happenings and anything else she can listen to as you read her a book. Books are so important, not only to a child’s education but to her imagination as well. Take her out to the Waverly neighborhood and let her browse the books at The Book Thing (no website; 3001 Vineyard Lane, Baltimore, MD, 21218). The Book Thing is a store filled with unwanted books that are donated by others. You can take them free of charge. You can donate old books you no longer read or that you’ve already downloaded onto your eReader to show your little one the importance of donating unused items to others, or just show up, browse and take books home. Let your little one pick out new stories and new favorite books and give them a good home.

Gwynns Falls Trail

Take your little ones on a bike ride to enjoy the weather and the natural beauty of nature at Gwynns Falls Trail ( Show your little ones why it’s so important to be active, to appreciate and respect nature and to have fun in the great outdoors. With more than 15 miles of trails, you can take a leisurely ride on easy paths that are toddler-friendly. Take his little bike and let him ride alongside you, or put him in a child seat on your bike. Pack a picnic lunch and a blanket so you can enjoy the beauty of this area of Baltimore when you get tired. Don’t forget to bring your own trash bag, so you can leave nature pristine and undisturbed.

Walters Art Museum

You and your kids will enjoy a day at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore ( Admission is free, with the exception of special exhibits that are at the museum from time to time. The museum offers family tours just for you and your little ones. They will be entranced by the gleaming knight’s armor and the colorful artwork — it’s expensive and professionally done, but your kids might think some of it looks remarkably like their own artwork. There are always different activities going on at the museum, from exhibits your toddlers will love to family activities you can all participate in. Give your kids a little culture by visiting the Walters Museum.

The Fudgery

What item do most toddlers love more than any other? The correct answer is chocolate, because its melt-in-their mouths — and all over their hands, which ends up on your walls and furniture and pants and every other surface in your home and car — deliciousness makes it hard for any toddler or adult to resist. When you’re looking for free things to do with your toddlers in Baltimore, consider a stop at the Fudgery (, where you and the kids can tour the facilities — free of charge — to see how fudge is made, cut and packaged. You can sample the different flavors, and you always have the option to stop in the gift shop on your way out to pick up a few extra pieces of fudge for later.

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