How USB wireless keyboards from as far as 40 feet away

In the beginning of the PC revolution, when monitors where often 12 to 14 inches in size, using your keyboard directly in front of the screen was not an option; it was necessary because of the small text displayed on the monitor.

However, modern computer monitors — even the ones on some laptops — are as big as some TVs, with displays you can see from several feet away. Consequently, sitting and typing right in front of a large monitor is not only unnecessary, but could also cause headaches from being too close to the screen.

If you want to put some distance between yourself and computer screen, as well as break the wired chain that ties you keyboard to your PC, connect and install a USB wireless keyboard.

Step 1

Place the driver installation disc for the USB wireless keyboard and receiver into the CD or DVD drive of your computer. After the installation wizard window appears, click “Setup” or “Install” and follow the prompts to install the driver for the wireless USB keyboard in Windows. Restart your computer if prompted.

Step 2

Open the battery cover on the bottom of the keyboard and install batteries.

Step 3

Connect the USB cable for the wireless transmitter to an empty USB port on the computer. Wait a few seconds for Windows to detect and initialize the transmitter using the driver you installed from the wireless keyboard installation disc.

Step 4

Press the “Locate,” “Sync” or “Connect” button on the wireless transmitter and then press and hold the button with the same name on the top or bottom of the wireless keyboard. Hold the button on the wireless keyboard until the “Sync” or “Connect” LED light on the wireless transmitter remains steady and no longer blinks.

After the LED light stops blinking, pairing or syncing of the keyboard and wireless transmitter is complete. Use the wireless keyboard just as you would a wired PS/2 or USB keyboard.


You can save a lot on batteries by purchasing and using rechargeable ones for your wireless keyboard. Wireless keyboards drain batteries rather fast, and a set of rechargeable batteries can pay for itself in just a few months if you use your computer a lot.
A few high-end wireless keyboards include rechargeable batteries and a charging cable. With these models, you can connect the charging cable to the wireless keyboards and the wireless transmitter to recharge the batteries in the keyboard

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