How Toddlers Play Thanks giving Coloring Games

While the turkey’s cooking and you are trying to get the potatoes lump-free, occupy the kids with fun-filled Thanksgiving coloring games. Instead of parking your toddler or preschooler in front of a screen — whether it’s the TV or a computer — help her to get creatively crafty and color her own holiday decorations.

Coloring Pages

If you are looking for an easy-to-do kids’ coloring activity that your young artist will enjoy on, or leading up to, Thanksgiving, try a printable coloring page. Visit an educational or kids’ activity website such as Funschool or Scholastic Teachers to find coloring pages that feature holiday symbols such as pilgrims, a cornucopia or a turkey. Simply download the page onto your computer and print it out on white copier paper. Print out a dozen or so pages to keep the kids busy with their crayons, colored pencils and markers.

Thanksgiving Bingo

Why just color when your little one can turn his creative artwork into an actual game to play? Make Thanksgiving-themed bingo boards to use at a holiday gathering. Start with an 8-by-10-inch piece of card stock paper, poster board or cardboard. Draw a bingo board grid for your child that features letters for a Thanksgiving word such as “turkey” on the top and numbers in the rest of the grid squares.

Leave room under or above the letters for your child to add his own mini Thanksgiving drawings. Complete the craft and have your child trace over the letters and numbers with a crayon or thin marker.


Have your mini Monet create her own drawing or use a printable page to handcraft a puppet. Give your child construction paper to draw a pilgrim’s face, or print one out from clip art or a Thanksgiving-themed website, and cut out the coloring. Glue the drawing to the flap of a paper lunch bag to make a simple hand puppet.

Another easy option is to turn the Thanksgiving coloring into a stick puppet. Tape a craft sick to the back of your child’s drawing and let her get imaginative, staging her own puppet play.

Paper Plate Person

Instead of setting the table with flimsy paper plates, turn them into entertaining art activities. Give your child crayons, markers, construction paper and glue to help him construct a pilgrim, Native American or turkey face. Your toddler or preschooler can draw a face on the center of the paper plate, adding eyes, a nose, a mouth or even a beak — if he is making a turkey.

Use construction paper and glue to create a pilgrim hat — cut out a square for the top of the hat and a rectangle for the brim — or a Native American head dress.

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