How to Share Simple Sheet Cake Ideas for a Toddlers

How to share Simple Sheet Cake Ideas for a Toddlers

With so much to do planning your little guy’s birthday party, it’s great to keep the cake preparation simple.  You can create all of these cakes using common ingredients and decorations found in craft stores, party supply stores or cake decorating suppliers.

Think about what sparks your 5-year-old boy’s interest. Does he like sports? Who is his favorite superhero? Is he into dinosaurs or construction toys? Adapt these ideas to any size sheet cake.


Spiderman fans will eat up this spider web design sheet cake. Ice half the cake in a diagonal pattern with blue icing, and the other half with red icing. Place black licorice strings in a half circle radiating out from one corner. Then arrange licorice strings across the first set of strings.

Place a Spiderman action figure in the web

Try this simple Batman logo cake. Cover the cake with bright yellow icing. Tint vanilla icing with concentrated food color for a vivid yellow. Purchase ready-to-use black fondant at a cake decorating supply store or website. Cut the fondant into the bat symbol shape to fit the top of the cake. Add a Batman figure, Robin or the Batmobile.

Favorite Interests

Five-year-old boys are fascinated by construction zones. Frost the cake with white icing. Sprinkle brown sugar over the top for dirt, piling up small mounds around the cake. Place a toy bulldozer and trucks around the mounds.  Decorate the sides with orange icing and strips of black licorice imitating a work zone pattern.

Dinosaurs top the list of all-time favorites

Begin by frosting the cake with green icing. Set up his favorite species of dinos around the cake and add small plastic palm trees. Build cupcake volcanoes by turning chocolate cupcakes upside down. Place the cupcakes securely on the cake, and use a red frosting tube to drizzle “lava” down the sides of the cupcake.


Outline the shape of a jersey with an icing tube using the your child’s favorite team’s colors.  Add the number five and his name on the jersey.
You will score a touchdown when you serve a football stadium sheet cake. Frost the entire cake with green icing.

Position licorice strips or fruit rollup strips across the cake for yard lines. Glue candy sticks together to make goal posts, or look for goal post cake toppers at a cake decorating supply store or craft shop.  Add a mini football to the top.

Choosing the Cake Size

Home cooks most often use a 9- by 13-inch pan, which serves 15 to 24 people. A half-size sheet cake (11 by 15inches) serves 18 to 40 people, and an 18- by 24-inch full sheet cake serves 48 to 100 people.  These amounts are for a single-layer cake.