How to Share Preschool Activities for the Colors Black & Orange Skip

If you’ve ever shook your head in disbelief at your preschooler’s creative fashion choices, you know how important it is to teach your child about identifying colors and color combinations. In addition to keeping your tot from ending up on an episode of “What Not to Wear,” these activities will help her build the skills she needs to succeed in kindergarten.

Pumpkin Decorating

When you think of black and orange, Halloween is probably the first thing that pops into your head. Although it’s definitely not a good idea to let your preschooler loose with a carving knife, decorating orange pumpkins with black markers or black poster paint can make for a fun activity. If you’re feeling especially ambitious, try painting stripes of glue on the pumpkin then rolling it in black glitter to make a sparkly Halloween decoration for your home.

Tissue Paper Goldfish

If your preschooler loves “Finding Nemo,” he’ll adore this cute tissue paper fish craft. Cut a simple fish shape from white poster board. Help your child glue small orange and black tissue paper squares to the fish to create a scale pattern. Show your little one how overlapping the squares changes the color of the fish’s scales. When the fish is dry, glue him to a blue paper fish bowl cutout.

Paper Bag Tiger Puppet

For most preschoolers, any activity that combines zoo animals and puppets is a guaranteed hit. Banish boredom by helping your child make a paper bag tiger puppet. (Later, she can exercise her showbiz skills in a puppet show). Use markers, crayons or paint to color a paper lunch sack orange, then add horizontal black stripes. Cut arms from orange construction paper and glue them to each side of the bag. On the bottom of the bag, draw a face. If it’s not too scary for your child’s tastes, cut out two white construction paper teeth and glue them underneath the flap that makes the puppet’s mouth. Wiggle eyes and construction paper ears will complete the puppet.

Scratch Art Monarch Butterfly

Monarch butterflies provide a beautiful example of how well the colors orange and black pair together in nature. Help your preschooler make a scratch art monarch butterfly by coloring a cardboard butterfly cutout with various shades of orange crayon. If you’re using a box of 120-count Crayola crayons, Orange, Burnt Orange, Atomic Tangerine, Mango Tango and Outrageous Orange provide a nice range of shades to work with. Press as hard as possible when coloring to create a solid waxy background. Paint over the entire paper with black poster paint and let it dry thoroughly. Then, use a toothpick to scratch out the design in the butterfly’s wings.