How To Share Toddlers Outdoor Activities in St. Louis

Your toddlers would much rather be outside where they can run around, have fun and not worry about having to use their inside voices. If you’re really being honest, you probably prefer your toddlers being outside as well, because it means no one is wiping sticky fingers on your couch cushions, playing in the toilet water or making you watch cartoons. In St. Louis, Missouri, you can spend all day outside doing different activities with your little ones. Furthermore, some of the outside activities in St. Louis are also educational — just don’t mention that to your 4-year-old.

St. Louis Zoo

Take your kids outside for the day and walk around the St. Louis Zoo ( You can spend hours with your toddlers wandering around the different animal exhibits. Visit with lions and tigers and bears — oh my! — as well as hyenas and bunnies and goats, that your kids can pet. Visit with the giraffes and elephants, which will most certainly make you feel a little thinner than you did when you left your house in the morning, and pick up a few souvenirs or something to eat at Lakeside Crossing, which is a part of the zoo. If you really want your kids to enjoy their time outdoors, take them on the zoo train ride, which will take them by many of the different exhibits.

Endangered Wolf Center

If your toddler is a boy who’d rather think about dangerous animals and superheroes than princesses and pretty penguins, he will love to spend some time wandering the great outdoors encountering endangered wolves. At the St. Louis Endangered Wolf Center ( you and your kids get to walk around and see the many different endangered wolves and foxes that live here. You and your kids can even take part in the enrichment program, which allows you to play catch with the foxes and wolves as part of the care taking. Furthermore, your kids will get to meet real-life wolf trainers, which might just make you the coolest parents on the planet.

Turtle Playground Park

The park is always fun for you and your kids. You get to push them on the swings, have picnics and even sit in the shade and watch them play on the playground equipment. However, sometimes all parks just look the same. Not the Turtle Playground Park ( in St. Louis. This super cool park not only has grassy areas where you can sit and picnic or play in the sun as well as playground equipment that your toddlers will love, it also has giant turtle sculptures that your kids can play on and learn about. There are three big turtles and four small ones. Pose your kids for pictures or let them play with the giant snake that forms a seating area full of massive turtle eggs where you can sit and play.

Grant’s Farm

The famous Busch family — as in Anheuser-Busch — has a 281-acre farm in St. Louis. It’s steeped in history, too — it was once farmed by Ulysses S. Grant, former President of the United States. At Grant’s Farm (, you will get to see the wildlife that Anheuser-Busch is so set on preserving, including Deer Park, where there are hundreds of deer roaming the land. You’ll get to see the home that former President Grant once lived in on the land he was given as a wedding gift. Your little ones will delight in seeing the stables that house beautiful Clydesdale horses. The best part is that admission is free at all times and reservations are not required.

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