How To Share Marigold Flower Activities for Kids Skip

Who doesn’t love marigolds? These sunny and bright flowers can make anyone feel happy, and usually draw toddlers and preschoolers right over whenever you go to a nursery or garden center. Don’t just leave these flowers in the shadows — encourage your little ones to love sunny marigolds even more with a few exciting crafts and activities that are just right for little hands and curious minds.

Marigold Flower Crafts

It can be sad when marigold flowers die, especially for a little child who does not understand why. Make your child’s experience more cheerful by showing her how to construct a marigold out of craft supplies. Cut out three different-sized circles from orange construction paper, then allow your child to cut short strips around the outside edges of each circle using child-safe scissors. Show your child how to glue the circles together with a glue stick, then attach the paper marigold blossom onto a green pipe cleaner. Or have your child layer five to six pieces of orange tissue paper into a stack, and twist the middle of the stack to secure them together. Show your little one how to separate the tissue layers to fluff out the tissue marigold, then attach a green pipe cleaner onto the twist. Best of all, her little paper or tissue marigold will never wither or die. Make a bunch to create a paper marigold bouquet, or have your child give a lovely marigold to a loved one as a special gift or thank you!

Marigold Planting Ideas

You might already plant marigolds in your garden at home, but you can turn marigold planting into a totally exciting activity for your toddlers and preschoolers by arranging the marigolds into a pattern or picture. Buy marigolds in different shades, ranging from pale yellow to deep orange, then have your little ones help you plan out a pattern or picture to plant them in. You could arrange the marigolds into a spiral with different shades meeting in the middle, into a wave with curling crests and peaks or into a picture of an animal, heart or star shape. Getting your child involved in the design and planting of the marigold will help her feel more connected to this beautiful and sunny flower.

Marigold Flower Books

Read about marigolds in beautifully illustrated picture books that celebrate the amazing qualities of the flower. Stick with books where the marigold is the main focus, instead of just a side note. A few options include “Marigold Monster,” by Michael Delaney, “Jay and the Marigold,” by Harriette Robinet and “Margaret Marigold,” by Ratna Jalisatgi. Try reading to your children about marigolds while sitting in your garden full of marigold flowers.

Marigold Flower Songs

Don’t you just get so tired of the same old kids’ songs playing all day long in your house? Mix it up by teaching your toddlers and preschoolers songs about marigolds. While you will still hear repetitive songs all day, at least they will be educational and different than the norm. Pick a few songs that teach children about how special the flower is in a fun and lively way, or that use the marigold as the subject for teaching children lessons, such as “A Marigold For Company,” by Frank Bruen, “The Inch Worm,” by Anne Murray and “Painted Stones and Marigolds,” by Marion Delgado.