How to Share a Resources for Parents of Toddlers

Your toddler is a confusing creature. From bad behaviors such as biting to ones that are so good that you want to giggle right along with her, tiny tots are a whirlwind of ups and downs. Instead of pulling your hair out wondering what’s right, what’s wrong and what’s just plain weird, take a look at one of the many reliable resources available for parents.


The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is one of the leading early education organizations in the United States. Whether you are wondering what do with your toddler when you have to work, if your little one’s color skills are up to par or what a toddler’s day at school looks like, the wonderful world of NAEYC is there to answer your questions. Instead of running all over town (like you have time to do that anyway) trying to gather information, simply visit NAEYC’s website ( for families to find learning and development info, accredited child care centers and more.

Zero to Three

Do you have a little one between the ages of newborn and three? Then, the Zero to Three organization ( is just the resource for you. Specializing in providing easy-to-understand information about toddlers (and younger children), Zero to Three can help you learn the nuts and bolts of challenging behaviors (why does your little one feel the need to bite her sister anyway?) and brush up on healthy eating tips.

Product Safety

With the barrage of safety information out there on toddler products, it’s easy for a mom to get confused as to what to give (or not give) a child. Instead of combing the Internet day after day for the latest recalls in the toddler world, check in at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) website ( Moms of toddlers know how quickly a curious toddler can get into trouble. From strollers to convertible beds and toys, the CPSC is an informative resource for moms who are looking for daily recall and safety updates.


Unless you have a filing cabinet packed with pages and pages of toddler activities, websites that feature projects and games for little ones are a must for any mom. While there are more than enough activity resources out there in cyber space, not all are created equal. Instead of simply clicking on the first site that includes the words “toddler” and “activity,” go to a well-known authority. for example, Scholastic is a reputable resource that has teacher- and parent-tested games, crafts, projects and activities that will entertain and educate your 2-year-old.

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