How To Reactivate an Apple iPhone to a New Apple ID

An Apple ID is a digital credential that belongs to an Apple customer. Apple IDs are used for identification purposes, and allow users to quickly purchase music or apps from the iTunes store. If someone sells his phone or gives it away, the iPhone can be reset to its factory settings and the new owner can create another ID.

iPhone Aspect Ratio

The horizontal and vertical measurement of a screen creates what is called an aspect ratio. Although it may seem like a simple cosmetic choice, the aspect ratio on the iPhone has an impact on how you view movies, shows and pictures. The iPhone 4 and 4S both use a 3.5-inch Retina display that is wider than it is tall, creating the illusion of a widescreen display.

iPhone Water Damage Help

You take your iPhone everywhere because it serves as your music and portable movie player as well as your primary communications device. The more places you take it, the greater the risk the phone will end up in a puddle, sink or pool someday. Should this happen, quick action is often the difference between a functioning iPhone and a stylish paperweight.