How To Making Rava Sheera for ToddlersSkip

Rava sheera, or halva, is a sweet dish served across many parts of the world. Halva actually means sweet. You can make up some rava sheera for your toddler as a special treat. He is sure to love it because who doesn’t love something sweet? It’s so good you might have to make him share a bit with you too!


Sheera actually originated in the Middle East and dates back as far as the 7th century. Early sheera or halva was originally made primarily with sesame seeds and honey. Today, many people in areas of India, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and other neighboring countries make sheera using rava. Rava is simply another word for semolina. You’ll find semolina at most grocery stores in the baking or cereal section. Rava sheera is a dish with a texture much like polenta and is often eaten as the main part of a meal. This is an ideal soft and simple-to-eat dish for your little sweetie pie.


Generally, to make rava sheera you will need to start off with your base ingredients, which may include ghee, rava, jowar flour, chopped jaggery or sugar and milk. Ghee is simply clarified butter that is used a lot in Asian cooking. Since you probably don’t keep that stocked in your fridge — not many people do — regular butter will work fine too. If you’re wondering what in the world jowar flour is, it’s also known as white millet flour — a flour ground from small-seed grasses. If you can’t find it at your grocery store, you can order it online. Other items, like cashew nuts, raisins, cardamom powder and fruit, are often added to sheera.


To make a toddler-friendly version of rava sheera, you will need to start with heating 1 teaspoon of ghee in a pan and then slowly add 1/4 cup of jowar flour or rava. Sautee the flour and ghee until it turns a nice shade of light brown. With the heat still on, add in 1/2 cup of whole milk, 1/2 cup of water and 1 teaspoon of chopped jaggery, or sugar if you can’t find jaggery. Keep stirring it all until no lumps remain. Remove it from the heat and mash a ripe banana into the mixture. Let it cool until it’s lukewarm and then let your toddler chow down. Of course, he should let you have a bit too! Enjoy some of this delicious rava sheera together. If you like, you can add extras to your sheera like raisins or chopped cashews if your kiddo doesn’t have nut allergies. Just be sure to chop them up finely so he doesn’t choke on them.

Introducing New Foods

It’s important to get your little munchkin to try a variety of new foods now that he is old enough. This will help him to become a healthy eater that likes an assortment of foods. Even though you’re a supermom, it’s can still be difficult to get your picky toddler to try new things. An effective way to get your toddler to try new foods like rava sheera is by not making a big deal out of it, advises the EverydayHealth website. Just present it to him with some other food you already know he likes and see how it goes. If he completely ignores it, you may want to say something like, “Okay sweetie, do you wanna try this yummy food Mommy just made you? I love this stuff, it is so good!” Take a bite of it to show him how much you like it and see how it goes from there.