How To Make Teddy Bear Art Activities For Toddler

What 2-year-old doesn’t love to take a thick paint brush and slap brightly colored paint on large sheets of paper? Her attention span, dexterity and language skills are developed enough for her to enjoy these sweet teddy bear activities. In the world of a toddler, Teddy bears are everywhere — in books, TV shows, movies, commercials, in toy departments and in malls where she an even build her own lbear. Your little one probably owns at least one teddy bear!

Her Own Teddy Tote

Does your toddler balk when you have to run to the store? As exciting (or not) as it is for you to run errands, it can be very boring for her. Let her make her own teddy tote and watch the smile it brings to her face. She can use a felt tip pen to trace a small plate on brown felt. Cut out the felt circle and then glue it onto the front of a plain cotton tote bag.

Trace the bottom of a cup on brown felt and then cut out the circle, fold it in half, cut along the fold line and glue into place for teddy’s ears. Googly eyes, buttons, wool and pieces of colored felt complete teddy’s face, and you can add accessories like a hat and scarf that you glue onto the bag. What’s not to love?

Modeling Dough

Two-year-olds love squishy materials like homemade playdough. To make this, add 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of water and a 1/2 cup of flour into a pan. Heat, while stirring gently until the mixture congeals. Remove from heat, let cool and add flour to make a workable dough. Help your child roll the dough between her hands to make a large ball for teddy’s body. Place a smaller dough ball on top for the head.

Roll four small pieces of dough into sausage shapes and press them into the body to make teddy’s arms and legs. Press a pencil point into the dough to carve out teddy’s eyes, nose and mouth.

Greeting Card

Placing a piece of paper against a tree trunk, you can let him take a chunky brown crayon and rub over the paper. Trace a small plate and cup onto the bark-patterned paper and cut out the two circles. To make a greeting card, he can fold an 8 1/2-by-11-inch card in half and glue the circles onto the front of the card.

Use the larger circle as teddy’s body and the smaller one as its head, using colored crayons to draw teddy’s arms, legs and facial features. Let your toddler give this adorable card to a family member or friend for a birthday — or for any occasion!

Paper Printing

For a fun indoor activity or to make wrapping paper, you can cut a large potato and a small potato in half. Then, with a sponge, soak the sponge in brown paint and your child can dip the potato halves into the sponge and onto construction paper. To make a teddy shape, print the smaller potato for the head and the larger potato print for the body. Use a lollipop stick to print teddy’s arms and legs.

Make teddy-themed paper by printing teddies all over the paper and then let the design dry. To make wrapping paper, let him print the teddy shapes onto tissue paper or a white paper like butcher paper. Oh, the lucky person who gets a present wrapped with teddies!

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