How to Make Sock Hop Activities for Preschoolers

Sock Hop Activities for Preschoolers

Preschoolers love to show off their moves and groove to tunes. If you’re tired of hearing the same old songs over and over, introduce your little dancer to the bopping music from the 1950s. Organized dances — called sock hops — showcased popular ’50s songs, and the teens of that era danced the night away.

It was the thing to do before Disco and Raves.  Want to hold your own preschool sock hop? Invite your child’s friends and they’ll  have a blast dancing. And you’ll get hear some new songs that haven’t already driven you insane.


Sock hops were all about the music, so adorn your party area with old records. Hang them on the walls or dangle them from the ceiling. Check thrift stores for records. You can often score them for a dollar or less. Draw music notes on large pieces of black paper and scatter them around the party area.

Black, white and pink balloons and streamers add a feel of the ’50s to your party space as well. If you have a larger budget, rent an old-fashioned jukebox to make your sock hop even more authentic.


Poodle skirts and leather jackets are synonymous with a sock hop. Get into the spirit of the event and track down some ’50s clothes. Look at costume shops or thrift stores to find inexpensive items. If you’re crafty, make your preschooler her very own poodle skirt.

Use felt to make the project quick and easy. An iron-on poodle will complete the skirt. Tie her hair up in a ponytail and she’ll be ready to strut her stuff. Put your son in rolled up jeans and a white t-shirt topped with a tiny leather jacket and he’ll be ready to rock and roll. Put on your own costume, as well, so you’ll be ready to groove right along with the kiddos.


The music is the easiest part of your sock hop. Just tune your radio to an oldies station and start dancing. You might also check out ’50s CDs from your local library so you have a wider selection of tunes. Grab your child by the hand and teach her how to do the twist and the swim. Cheat a little and go online and watch the dances. That way you can practice ahead of time and really impress your preschooler.


No party is complete without snacks. At least no party for preschoolers who’ll work up an appetite on the dance floor. Milkshakes and ice cream, though full of sugar, are a classic sock hop snack. Serve fresh fruit on the side as a healthier treat.

Tint cream cheese with black food coloring and spread it on circle-shaped crackers to look like records. Black food coloring is available at most craft stores and some large supermarkets. Pizza and mini burgers are kid-friendly snacks too. Have lots of water on hand to rehydrate your dance machine and all his guests.