How to Make Puppy Cupcakes for a Kids Birthday

If you’re looking for a fun activity for you and your preschooler, (and an unforgettable party treat) these puppy cupcakes are sure to please. If you want to get creative with the dessert, space the treats on a large serving tray and draw icing paw prints from cupcake to cupcake. By the time you’re finished, the decorative display may just look too scrumptious to eat.

Puppy Face Cupcakes

Present your group of little animal enthusiasts with a tray full of adorable — and tasty — puppy dog faces. Bake your cupcakes as usual and then let them cool to room temperature. Start the decorating with a layer of white or brown icing and add an extra big dollop near the center for the puppy’s nose. Add two candy-coated chocolates for the eyes and one for the center of the nose. If your party group is too young for candy-coated chocolates, dab on the eyes and nose with some dark chocolate icing instead. Complete the decorating with a pink icing tongue. If you’d like your puppies to look a little more shaggy, spoon some icing into a pastry bag with a star tip and coat around the facial features with feathery strips of icing.

Lollipop Puppy Cupcakes

You can transform the birthday treat into a double dessert with these cupcakes topped with cookie lollipops. Prepare the cupcakes as usual, but while the batter is baking, make up a batch of sugar cookies too. You can get your little guy to help you out with the tasty treats by rolling out the dough and cutting the dog shapes out with cookie cutters. Once you’ve transferred the cookies onto a baking sheet, slide a heat-resistant wooden dowel into each one.

As the cookies bake, the dowel will get stuck in place, and once the cookies have cooled, you and your kiddo can decorate them with as much icing as you like. Add some icing to the cupcakes too and then slide the wooden dowels from the cookie pups into the center of the cupcakes.

A Tray Full of Bones

If you’re hosting a puppy-themed party, your little guests may be expecting some puppy-shaped cupcakes. You can surprise them with an unexpected treat by forgoing on traditional cupcakes and opting for some bone-shaped cupcake treats instead. Make the dessert from the same type of batter as traditional cupcakes, but pour it into miniature loaf-shaped pans instead. These will hold just a little bit more than a traditional cupcake. Once the loaves are baked, place a paper bone shape on top of each one and cut out the shape from the loaves.

Now all that’s left it the icing on the cake! Coat each of the bones with a thick coat of vanilla frosting, or bring the party’s color scheme into the treats by making blue, green, pink or orange dog bones too.

Marshmallow Puppy Cupcakes

It doesn’t get much sweeter than an icing-covered cupcake topped with a marshmallow puppy — so be prepared for plenty of energy by the time your preschool party group finishes this treat. Start with your favorite cupcake recipe and cover it with a thick coating of your favorite icing. Now it’s time to create your marshmallow puppies. Spread a little bit of dark chocolate icing on three miniature marshmallows.

Press one of these against one end of a large marshmallow to make the nose. Press the other two at the top, near the other end to make the eyes. Coat two more miniature marshmallows with chocolate icing and press these against the big marshmallow to make the ears. Now all you have to do is press the large marshmallow into the center of the cupcake and your treat is complete.

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