How To Make Personalized Items for Kids Birthday Parties Skip

You’ve done the birthday-in-a-box thing and rummaged through ordinary party supplies on the store shelves, but you’re looking to give your kiddo’s next birthday party some personalized pizzazz. Turn a cookie-cutter party into something memorable by infusing everything from the invitations to the party favors with a little customized flare.

Handmade Invites

Forego the ordinary invitations in the store aisles this year and surprise your guests with custom invites.  Inflate a balloon and write the party details on it (gently!). Deflate the balloon and deliver it to your guests with instructions that explains the surprise they’ll see when they blow the balloon up again. Another custom invite idea uses personalized photo invitations. Collect pictures of your tot from throughout the past year and print them onto a single invitation. Write the party details on the other side, starting it off with, “It’s time to celebrate how much I’ve grown with a birthday party just for me!” If you’re pressed for time, pick up a regular package of party invitations with pictures of his favorite superhero or her favorite princess. Cut out pictures of your youngster’s face and replace the superhero’s or princess’ head on the card for personalized invitations.

Custom Activities

Select activities that give the party a personalized touch for each child and give the party guests a special memento to take home. Create personalized tees for the group by writing your youngster’s name and the party date on the back of plain white T-shirts. Place a shirt at each place setting. During the party, set the toddlers loose decorating the shirts with fabric paint. If you’re worried more paint will end up on the floor than the T-shirts, swap out the T-shirt idea for a mask or tiara. Let the toddlers adorn them with glitter, glue and fake gemstones or superhero sparkles. Another alternative is to let little fashionistas decorate a canvas purse or help your garden-themed party goers plant their first seeds in a decorated ceramic pots. If your guests are too young for elaborate activities, lay out paper bags and let them decorate the bags with crayons and stickers. Fill the bags with the youngsters’ loot when the party ends.

Personalized Goodies

Personalize the food as well to show that you’re one crafty mama. Before you fill your rambunctious crowd with sugar, start with a custom mini pizza lunch made at home and adorned with each youngster’s favorite toppings. Make the cake special, too, by dressing it up with an edible icing picture of your the birthday child. Create party day goodies that match the theme of the day, such as animal-shaped sugar cookies or superhero crisped rice treats. Let the party guests help out with your personalized goodies by placing bowls of icing and toppings on the table and letting the kiddos decorate their tasty treats.

Personalized Party Favors

Send the group home with a personalized token of the day. If you have an artistic flare, decorate ceramic plates with your youngster’s name, birthday and some of his favorite things, and then have the plates fired before the party. No party favor is complete without a tasty treat, so stack cookies on each plate for a snack at home. If you’re artistically challenged, create a cookie bouquet and write one letter of your child’s name on each cookie. If baking isn’t your cup of tea either, fill small plastic jars with candy and add a personalized tag on the outside. Alternately, send your sports enthusiasts home with a sports jersey or cap from your child’s favorite team.