How To Make Party Foods for Old Skip

Preparing food for a toddler’s birthday party is an intimidating thought. After all, if trying to get your own toddler to eat is the equivalent of pulling teeth, coming up with a menu that an entire group of toddlers will enjoy is surely impossible. Though it might be tempting to put out a platter of candy, cake and doughnuts so as not to disappoint the little divas, there are a variety of healthy and creative options that will please even the most finicky eaters.

Sandwiches and Such

Little kids love all things miniature. Mini bagels arranged on a tiered tray with different colors of flavored cream cheeses — pink, white and purple — are sure to please even the pickiest crew of toddlers. Crustless sandwiches with cucumber and cream cheese — or butter and cheddar slices for the veggie haters — will also delight. Use cookie cutters to cut the sandwiches into shapes inspired by the season of the year or the theme of the party.


Continuing with the whole idea of fun-shaped food, cut a watermelon into large chunks and use small-sized cookie cutters to create bite-sized fruit shapes. Create fruit skewers with a twist by sliding chunks of pineapple, strawberries and melon onto colored straws or miniature magic wands. Do be mindful of choking hazards, making sure fruit is cut into small enough pieces for little mouths and grapes are sliced in half.

Let Them Eat Cake

Though you’ll want to have healthy options for meals and snacks, you will, of course, want to serve a birthday cake or treat for your little one and his friends. Consider letting them be a part of the action by decorating their own cupcakes or sugar cookies. It might be best to pre-frost the goods to keep the mess to a minimum, but put out different colors of sprinkles and mini-chocolate chips and let the little ones have at it.

Kiddie Brunch

Kids love breakfast foods, so why not have a morning party and serve a brunch-themed meal? Your brunch could consist of chocolate chip pancakes, different flavors of maple syrup, sausage patties, mini-muffins of all sorts, bowls of berries and different kinds of dried cereals — a guaranteed favorite for most any toddler — served in cupcake wrappers. Don’t forget the breakfast beverages — juice for the kids and plenty of coffee for the adults who have to keep up with them.

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