How To Make Ideas to Dress a Toddler Like a Snowman Skip

Let’s face it, every mom thinks her tot is adorable — but a toddler in a costume is off-the-charts cuteness. If you want to take a special holiday picture, or if Halloween is just around the corner, consider dressing your cutie pie as a snowman (or snowperson). Not only is this costume easy to pull together, but it’s particularly high on the cuteness scale.


The simplest way to create the body of your toddler’s snowman costume is to dress him in white pants and a white turtleneck. If you want a more elaborate costume, use pants and a shirt that are way too big — and stuff them with pillows or fabric scraps to make him look like the fat, jolly snowman. Another idea is to sew three large white craft pom poms, which are available at most craft stores, to the front of a white shirt to mimic the appearance of a snowman.


Orange and black face crayons — and perhaps white face paint — are all you need to turn your toddler’s face into one of an adorable snowman. You can find face paint and face crayons online, or in craft or party stores year round, as well as in most costume and party stores around Halloween. Read the labels to find non-toxic crayons, which are less likely to irritate your toddler’s delicate skin. If you can get your kiddo to sit still, cover his face in the white paint first. Then draw black circles around his eyes — and color his nose orange to look like a carrot. You might also draw small black circles around your toddler’s mouth if he lets you.Accessories

Slap a black top hat on your toddler’s head to help bring the whole costume together. You can find top hats at thrift stores and costume shops —  and many stores sell them in sizes that won’t fall down in front of your child’s eyes. You might also scour garage sales,  suggests in author MaryAnn F. Kohl in her book, “Making Make-Believe: Fun Props, Costumes and Creative Play Ideas.” Wrap a brightly colored scarf around your child’s neck to add a finishing touch. You might also want her to wear mittens and black boots, just like Frosty.


If your toddler is potty training, make sure the costume is easy to remove so he doesn’t have an accident and ruin all your costume-making efforts. Depending on the weather, don’t make the costume so heavy that your child will overheat while he’s wearing it. If it’s frigid outside, put long underwear or layers under the snowman costume to help keep your little snowman toasty warm. Ensure that your toddler can walk easily in the costume, as well as move around without falling down, suggests Bettine Roynon, author of “Baby Costumes: 24 Easy and Adorable Outfits to Make for Infants and Toddlers.”

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