How To Make Ideas for Free and Easy Crafts for Toddlers

Tiny hands are often eager to explore the world around them. Instead of waiting to find crayon drawings on the living room wall, prepare a few crafts for your child to complete at the kitchen table. Of course, toddlers require crafts that are easy to complete, which will leave them feeling a sense of accomplishment when the craft is finished. You don’t need to take a trip to the craft store, either. There are plenty of crafts that utilize items you already have laying around your home.Construction Paper Caterpillar

strip of construction paper

Cut 10 strips of construction paper so that each measures 1 inch in width and 6 inches in length. Hand these strips to your toddler and instruct her to glue the first strip together at the tips to form a circle. Thread the second strip of construction paper through the center of the circle you just made and glue it at the tips. Your toddler should be able to follow your lead and repeat this a few more times to form a chain that represents the body of a caterpillar. Finally, cut a small circle out of construction paper.

Let your toddler color or paint eyes and a mouth on the circle. Glue the caterpillar’s head to the front of the first circle. Wait for the glue to dry before allowing your toddler to play with it.Slice of Watermelon

Cut a paper plate

Cut a paper plate in half so that it resembles the shape of a slice of watermelon. Hand the paper plate to your toddler and ask him to paint the bottom edge of the paper plate green and the rest of the paper plate red. Once the paint dries, you’ll need to add watermelon seeds. You can let your toddler paint them on with black paint or allow him to glue a few black candies on the paper plate to represent the seeds. Work on counting the seeds out loud with your little learner.Paper Plate Tambourine

Set a paper plate

Set a paper plate in front of your toddler as you would if you were going to serve her a meal. Now give your child 1/4 cup of beans, rice, buttons or beads to put in the center of the paper plate. Instruct your toddler to flip a second paper plate upside down and set it over the first paper plate. You can allow your child to secure the two plates together with glue or tape. If you prefer, you can staple them together. Give your toddler time to paint or color the homemade tambourine before using it to make music.Bouncy Balls

toddler with a plastic spoon

Set two bowls in front of your toddler with a plastic spoon for each bowl. In the first bowl, help your toddler measure and pour 1 tablespoon of white glue and five drops of food coloring in the color of his choice. Stir until the color is folded in. Mix in the second bowl 4 tablespoons of warm water, 3 tablespoons of cornstarch and 1/2 teaspoon of sodium borate.

Stir the second bowl until combined and then toss it in the bowl with the glue mixture. Tell your toddler to keep mixing until you see a thick mass form. Let your child reach in and get the blob and start shaping it into a ball by rolling it around on a flat surface. Once the ball no longer feels sticky to the touch, he can begin playing with it.

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