How Three Year Old Girl’s Are Love Playing

If you’re stumped about what type of gift to give your favorite 3-year-old girl, think pink and princess and you’re halfway there. Girls at this age are fascinated by princesses, preferably dressed in pink, but there are numerous other options for gifts. By the age of 3 her interests and abilities have expanded. She loves role playing, her fine motor skills are improving and her attention span is a bit longer, just enough for her to delight in games and puzzles.Role Playing

Imitation is flattery

Children at this age love to imitate everything adults do. Give her toy cooking utensils, a play vacuum cleaner or her own purse filled with foil-wrapped chocolate coins. She will appreciate dolls and stuffed animals along with doll accessories so that she can take care of her “babies.” Magnetic dress up dolls fill her need to play dress up and work just like paper dolls but are much easier to manipulate and last longer. She’ll love pretending she’s a princess or a fairy in a princess costume, tiara or fairy wings.Outdoor Toys

A mini scooter will help to perfect her balance and coordination as she zips around the yard. Watch her pile dolls and stuffed animals into a doll carriage for a stroll. Toy balls may seem mundane, but child experts recommend ball playing to enhance gross motor skills and dexterity. Buy toy balls from tennis ball size to beach balls.Arts and Crafts/Building Toys

If she loves jewelry, get her a wooden stringing beads set. Make sure the beads are large enough to be appropriate for her age. Building block sets are not just for boys. Your girl may appreciate the traditional building sets, but you can also choose more girly block sets featuring dollhouse-style buildings, female action figures and of course, pink blocks.Safety

All toys for a 3 year old should be at least 1 1/4 inches wide to 2 1/4 inches long. Check to see if it can fit inside a toilet paper roll. If so, it is too small. Batteries in battery-operated toys need to be securely contained in a screw top case. Purchase only washable stuffed toys. The U.S. Product Safety Commission warns that cheap children’s jewelry may contain dangerous levels of lead or cadmium.

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