How To Make Circus-Themed Room for a Toddler

Having a toddler in the house is a circus enough, but if your little one enjoys the clowns, tightrope walking and lion taming, incorporate the circus into his bedroom. With two or three gallons of paint, a few decorating supplies and a lot of creativity, your toddler’s bedroom might give Ringling Brothers a run for their money.


Recreate the big top in your child’s bedroom with two or three colors of paint, such as red, blue and yellow. Use painter’s tape to create stripes that start at the bottom of the wall and go all the way to the top. Create the peaked look of a circus tent by starting another strip of paint where the ceiling meets the wall. Angle it toward the center of the ceiling, where all the stripes should meet. This will create the illusion of a tent.

Paint the walls, remove the tape and then fill in the spaces with a different color. If this is too over the top for you, paint three of the walls a neutral color and then paint a mural on one wall. Include clowns, animals, a lion tamer and the big top.

Wall Art

Find toddler-friendly pictures of the circus at craft stores. Frame the pictures in red, yellow or blue frames and scatter them on the walls around your child’s bedroom. For an even cheaper project, print some pictures of the circus using your home printer and frame those.

There are many free sites that let you print pictures as long as they are only for personal use. In other words, don’t sell your awesome art when you’re done. If you have pictures of your toddler at the circus, frame those, as well.


Hang a circus-themed mobile above your toddler’s bed or scour thrift stores for a lamp that has clowns or circus animals on it. Paint a white lampshade with red and white stripes to mimic the circus tent as another way to bring the circus theme alive. Add several stuffed animals to the bedroom.

Include lions, elephants, monkeys and zebras so your kiddo really feels like he’s at the circus. Put a few stuffed balls on the dresser or in a small basket. That way, your child can practice his juggling skills whenever the mood strikes.

Additional Ideas

Comforters and sheets can add a great deal of visual appeal to your toddler’s circus room. Go simple and find a blanket and sheets in the colors you’ve used in the space. Animal or clown blankets and sheets tie in nicely too. Incorporate the same colors into window treatments. You can find curtains and valances pretty cheap at retail stores. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, find circus-themed fabric and make bedding and curtains. Paint your toddler’s furniture to match the colors you’ve used in the bedroom or use paint and stencils to add juggling clowns or lions to the dresser drawers or headboard

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