How to Learn Preschool Birthday Activities for Fall Skip

Fall is here! There’s no better time of year to throw a wonderful, memorable child’s birthday celebration that takes advantage of the weather, traditions, sights and sounds of the season. The possibilities are endless in planning preschool birthday activities for Fall.

Monster Mash Costume Bash

Every child loves dressing up, and the best time to plan a costume party is fall! Line your party guests up and have a costume parade through your house, yard, or neighborhood. Offer small awards for most creative, spookiest and cutest costume, and any other categories you can think of. Set up a tub so the children can bob for apples, and get ready to laugh as they try to eat donuts hanging from strings. Kids of all ages will love these fun fall birthday activities!

Pumpkin Patch Party

The most popular symbol of fall is definitely the pumpkin. Purchase some inexpensive mini pumpkins at your local grocery store or garden center (at least one for each child). Lay the pumpkins out on your lawn or the floor of a room in your home. Allow each child to “pick” a pumpkin from the patch, and decorate it with paints, construction paper and glue, or foam shapes from the craft store. End the celebration by making pumpkin masks from paper plates, construction paper and cord elastic. Your guests will leave with adorable make-and-takes they’ll enjoy all season long.

Hayrides and Scarecrows

This can’t-miss fall activity can be done with virtually any vehicle, from a wheelbarrow or little red wagon all the way up to a John Deere tractor! Birthday guests will love the fun of sitting in hay and enjoying a bumpy ride. Pull out some old flannel shirts and jeans for guests to stuff with hay while they’re waiting their turn for a ride. A paper grocery bag makes a perfect head! Serve up bags of popcorn and cups of apple cider to snack on, and you have a fun fall winner.

Awesome Apples!

Everyone loves apples. The only way to make them better is to add a tasty topping! You can get wide treat sticks at your local craft store. Before your guests arrive, poke a stick into the core of each apple. Prepare bowls of candy apple and caramel coatings, with flaked coconut, nuts, and small candy sprinkles to finish the treats (be aware of any potential food allergies ahead of time). Old and young, every guest will have a ball making and eating their own candy apples!