How To Find Places to Have Birthday Parties

Two-year-olds are just discovering the joy of birthday parties. What could be better than all the attention, cake and presents? Throw in a fun activity and your 2-year-old will want every day to be her birthday. If the idea of 10 screaming 2-year-olds and their parents, and other friends and family members, converging on your house makes you nervous, let someone else host it. If you live near Livermore, California, you’ll find plenty of places to host your 2-year-old’s party.

Super Franks

Super Franks ( has options for a 2-year-old’s birthday party. Toddlers can play in the Taught Town Village area, where they can enjoy playhouses and slides. Young children will also enjoy the mini gym area, with a toddler-sized obstacle course and plasma car raceway. A third party area is called the Fish Tank Room, where kids get to feel as though they are inside a giant fish tank while they go on ride on toys and jump in the giant foam pit. Super Franks even remembered parents in its party planning — a Starbucks is on-site.

Inflatable Fun

Two-year-olds practically bounce when they are on a regular floor, so why not take them somewhere they can really bounce? Pump It Up ( and BounceU (, both in nearby Pleasanton, California, have rooms of huge, inflatable bouncy areas and slides. These inflatables are tough enough for adults to enjoy, if they’ve got the energy. Cake and pizza come with party packages and you can even add on goodie bags and balloons. All party parents have to do is send out invitations.


Sometimes a birthday party isn’t just about the birthday boy or girl. If you’re looking for a place that older siblings will appreciate too, check out PartiPalooza ( in Livermore. Not only is there a room of inflatable bouncers, they also have miniature bowling, karaoke, foosball, air hockey and a dance floor. Parents can also add face-painting and age-appropriate pinatas to the party package.

Edge Gymnastics and Training Center

Edge Gymnastics ( has classes for kids as young as 6 month old, so your 2-year-old could have been attending the gym for 18 months now. Even if he hasn’t been, though, he can have a fantastic birthday party there. At parties, kids will enjoy music and the use of age-appropriate obstacle courses and foam pits. Each guest gets her own balloon and pizza and cake. And mom and dad have nothing to clean up!

Shannon Park

An outdoor party experience can be more exciting and more affordable for your 2-year-old. Shannon Park (no website; 11600 Shannon Ave Dublin, CA) has walking trails, a playground, restrooms, picnic and barbecue areas, and a water play area. A public art installation is also available for everyone to appreciate. Parents will be able to cater the party exactly the way they want, which is perfect if your child has allergies or hates pizza.