How to Find Causes of Toddler Doesn’t Sleep Problems

If your toddler wakes up in the night or has a hard time falling asleep, welcome to parenthood. “Sleep — or lack of it — is probably the most-discussed aspect of baby care,” according to Kids Health. Your toddler will be happier with 10 to 13 hours of sleep. If your child is not getting the sleep they need, she won’t be at her prime during waking hours.


Nightmares are a source of sleep problems with toddlers. A toddler’s imagination is active starting around three years old. Children of this age cannot distinguish between reality and make-believe, according to KidsHealth. His nightmares will seem real to him. Comfort him when he awakens from a nightmare and try to get him back to sleep as quickly as possible. Some children scream in their sleep. This condition is called night terrors. The child is neither awake or aware of his screams. Night terrors are caused by irregular sleep patterns, stress or a new sleep environment. To remedy night terrors, try to find the root of the problem and help your child with their sleep patterns or stresses. Consult with your child’s pediatrician for any follow-up, if necessary.


The 2-year molars may cause your toddler enough pain that she’s unable to fall asleep or she awakens from her sleep. These second set of molars show up between 20 and 30 months old. Many children will experience a mild fever and gum irritation. To remedy this, give your toddler the recommended dose of children’s acetaminophen, with your doctor’s approval.

The Elements

Toddlers need to feel cozy and comfortable in their bedrooms. Make sure the room is dar, and noise levels are low in the house around bedtime. Keep indoor temperatures slightly cool to enable your child to have the best rest. Let him choose his pajamas. He will know what is the most comfortable. The footed pajamas are too warm for some heat-producing toddlers.

Bedtime Rituals

If a toddler is out of his normal bedtime routine, she will have a hard time settling down for the night. To remedy this, set up a bedtime routine and stick to it. Establish a bedtime for your toddler to insure she gets the recommended hours of sleep. If both parents work, establishing this routine is hard to do. The bedtime routine begins with a warm bath and quite playtime in the tub. Wrap the toddler in a warm towel and let him pick out his pajamas. Read a story with your child nestled on your lap. Turn off the light and continue the routine by singing a song. She will be asleep by the end of the song.

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