How To Create Innovative Ideas At Toddlers Birthday Party

The complete lack of control and utter excitement in your little one is a sure sign that the big birthday bash is quickly approaching. This is a mysterious, magical day that isn’t exactly understood.

Will their head touch the sky? Will they grow a beard and wear a suit?.

While they’re trying to figure out this mysterious birthday thing, you are planning a party that will make the day a memory not soon forgotten. Davis, California has some splendid options that will help create the perfect party for your mini-me.

Entertainment to Hire

Let the clown come to the party. Or the magician. Or any of the other options you have for entertainment to hire. Absurd Entertainment ( has a wide selection of acts that service the Davis area. Giggles the Clown, Batman, Spider-Man, princesses, magicians, Pooh Bear, Buzz Lightyear and many others are available to come to your child’s party.

The company is based in Sacramento, but will travel to Davis. Gig Salad ( is another useful resource for booking live entertainment. Just enter in your city, event date and what you’re looking for, then hit search.

Themed Party

Every kid has their beloved character, topic or movie. Why not center the party around your toddler’s or preschooler’s favorite thing? Think about what you could do with Spider-Man’s webs or Rapunzel’s hair. Party City ( has a location 10 miles up the road from Davis in Woodland and has everything you need for a variety of themes. Even with an obscure theme such as Hello Kitty Rock Show, with a little creativity and imagination you can throw the best party at home ever for little cats with big bows and guitars.Bouncy Rentals

If you want to have every child in Davis at your party, then rent a bounce house.  Bouncin Bins ( out of Sacramento will serve all of your bouncy toy rental needs, from obstacle courses, slides and water slides to carnival games and traditional bounce houses.

Staff members will work with you to create a party package just right for what you are planning at your home. Bounce-A-Lot ( has a selection of bounce houses with themes like Lightning McQueen, princesses, castles and SpongeBob, with rental times up to eight hours. This company is located in nearby Woodland, which may cut down on the delivery cost.

Take the Party Somewhere Else

There are obvious benefits to taking the party somewhere else. You may not have the space you need for the party at your home in Davis, or perhaps you just don’t want to clean up the mess. Davis Diamond Gymnastics ( will host a party. Complete with games and free play at the gym, staff members take care of everything from set-up to clean-up.  For your little member of the pretend royal family, Swim America ( has a special themed princess party with face painting, dress-up times and a royal tea party. It also hosts a pool party that includes games, balloons and water toys. Parents can swim, too, at no additional charge.

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