How to Collect Songs for Toddlers About Tractors

Entertaining your toddler can be a challenging proposition as her interest drifts quickly and unpredictably by the moment. But using songs to turn tractors into a game works wonders in holding your toddler’s short attention span.

Songs for toddlers about tractors work easily into a farm theme party or play date. The rhythms and lyrics of the music motivate movement, sound effects and creative re-enactments that make learning feel like play.


Change the words for “The Wheels on the Bus” to “The Wheels on the Tractor” and make up motions to imitate the lyrics. When “The wheels on the tractor go round and round,” you and your little one can swing your arms in big circles or walk in a circle or spin around.

When “The tractor in the field goes back and forth,” you can race back and forth from one side of the room to another. Make up new verses to describe the jobs that a tractor does on the farm all day long and create matching movements for each one to make the exercise seem like play.

Sound Effects

Another version of “The Wheels on the Tractor” takes your little tractor enthusiast on an audio tour of the farm. Start with “The tractor on the farm goes ‘grrr-rrr-rrr'” and imitate the noise of the tractor. As the tractor passes the cow, chicken, turkey, duck, lamb, goat and pig, your toddler can imitate the animal sounds.

Creative Play

Build a farm yard with blocks or a toy barn and plastic animals to give your little tyke the means to act out the tractor songs with toys. Sing as you play with your toddler, moving the toy tractor all around the farm as it plows the field, carries food to the animals, digs holes and moves rocks or dirt.

Life Lessons

Preschool Education suggests a song to the tune of “Daisy, Daisy”: “Tractors, tractors, tractors help farmers work. They pull plows that break up the clumps of dirt. The farmer can work much faster because he has a tractor. There’s lots to do the whole year through.

Tractors help farmers do the work.” Make cleanup time into a game by singing this song and pretending to be a hard-working tractor. Reward your little tractor’s hard work with a favorite snack or special game to lay the foundation for perseverance, diligence and a good work ethic as he grows.

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