How Snow Helps Toddler Make Sense of Environment

Preschoolers love singing songs, so you may as well wire their brains with some wholesome, weather-related tunes before they belt out inappropriate lyrics about bodily functions and human anatomy.

Learning about the weather, snow and sun helps preschoolers make sense of their environment; it will also keep them from asking you a million times, “Where did the sun go?” and “Why is the sky crying?” They’re cute questions at first, but can quickly wear on even the most patient parent’s nerves.

Rain Songs

Rain is a curious thing for children, so a few rain-related musical numbers help clarify this intriguing, and sometimes upsetting, weather pattern. “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring” is always a popular classic as is “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

Encourage your preschooler to perform the corresponding hand movements with the lyrics so she understands the direction and behavior of rain showers as compared to, say, beaming sunshine or falling snowflakes.

Sun Songs

Sunshine and happiness are two things cheerful preschoolers love to sing about. Songs about the sun are also natural follow-up numbers to songs about the rain and clouds. “Mr. Sun, Sun Mr. Golden Sun,” is a sun-centric number that describes a happy sun emerging from the gloomy clouds.

Another option is “Beautiful Rainbow,” where the sun emerges after a storm and creates a beautiful rainbow. Have the children raise their hands and wiggle their fingers to emulate the sun’s rays.

Windy Songs

Wind is a particularly fun weather condition for preschoolers to sing about because many wind-based songs include words little ones can draw out in long vowels like swoooooosh and whoooooooar. Songs like “Whistling Wind” introduce preschoolers to a range of synonyms for “blowing” such as “blustery” and “whirling.”

The song “Noisy Wind” outlines the actions of the wind: “It flaps like a flag.” Encourage children to use their hands and bodies to act out the motion of the wind so that they understand the movement associated with this weather phenomenon.

Snow Songs

Songs about snow and wintertime don’t have to focus around a particular holiday although they can if you choose. Songs like “Dance Like Snowflakes” let the children sing as they move their bodies like “whirling, twirling snowflakes.”

Another song that introduces the idea of snowflakes as smaller objects that create the larger weather pattern of snow is “Snowflakes, Snowflakes.” “Frosty the Snowman” is a great winter song for preschoolers although it focuses more on what you can do with snow rather than what snow actually is made from.

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