How Sharing Risks of Hanging Objects above a Child’s Bed

Sometimes, parents get carried away with decorating their child’s room and don’t realize the dangers that certain objects pose. Hanging things over your child’s bed can be hazardous. Use caution with mobiles, pictures or hanging nets used for toys or stuffed animals. Even if your child begs for the wall hanging you made out of soda cans and macrame at camp years ago, refrain from giving in.

Keep that in the closet where it belongs!Choking

If the object you hang over your tot’s bed has small pieces, it is a choking hazard. Your little one may manage to get the mobile or other object down from above their bed and break small pieces off the object, or little pieces could fall off from above if they’re not securely attached. According to Safe Kids, choking is a very real danger for young children and most incidents of choking occur in the home.


No matter how securely you think you’ve secured something over your child’s bed, there is always a risk that the object could fall, possibly hitting your child in the head and causing injury. This is especially true in the room of a young toddler or preschooler who is jumping around on their bed or crashing into the walls during a temper tantrum or fit of exuberance. Getting hit in the head poses a risk of concussion to your youngster, which can be extremely serious. Signs of a possible concussion are being dazed, vomiting and passing out, reports the Children’s National Medical Center.


Objects hung over your child’s bed can cause a risk of strangulation, either from strings or wires on the objects themselves, such as a mobile, or from whatever you used to hang the object. If your child manages to get the object down or it falls, your young child could get tangled up and suffocate.

Cuts and Scrapes

In a milder case, a child can become cut, scraped or bruised because of objects hung over his bed. If the object is low enough that your child can reach it, he can cut himself on any sharp edges or corners, or he can become scraped or bruised if the object falls on him while he’s in bed.

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