How Much Your Toddler Know About Weather and the sky?

Is it raining? Is it snowing? Is the sun shining bright? How much does your toddler know about weather and the sky above? Can you just imagine your tot dressing in a swimsuit (wishful thinking) when it’s below freezing outdoors?

It may be time for weather lessons indoors with entertaining craft projects that teach problem solving weather skills and how to dress for each type.

Weather Picture

Make an art project that shows four weather conditions on one page. Fold a sheet of white construction paper into four equal columns. For the rain column, show your toddler how to dip his finger into blue tempera paint and press it down inside the column several times to make raindrops.

When working on the snow column, have your tot color it with blue crayon. Glue small pieces of a white paper doily randomly to look like snowflakes. Looking for a sunny column? Sponge paint a circle for the sun and then draw yellow rays with crayon.

Color the last column gray and then invite your little meteorologist to glue small cotton balls for clouds. Cut magazine pictures of people wearing clothing fit for the weather and glue these in each column as an extension activity.

Weather Mobile

Cut a sun, cloud, a rainbow and a snowflake shape from poster board. Together color or paint these shapes talking about how these symbols tell us what kind of weather to expect.

For fun, you can enhance the shapes with cotton for clouds and colored sequins on the rainbow. When the shapes are complete and dry, punch a hole at the top of each and thread a length of yarn in each. Tie the shapes at different lengths to a plastic hanger. Hang this mobile in your child’s room and talk about what type of weather you are having each day.

Umbrella Design

What type of weather do we use umbrellas? This is the question to ask your tot while he is making this craft. Cut an umbrella shape from white construction paper and let your youngster decorate it with pieces of tissue paper, fabric or wallpaper samples, collage style.

Mount this onto a larger sheet of paper and either draw or glue on a shaped pipe cleaner as a handle. Don’t forget to draw the raindrops!

Edible Weather Cookie Art

Spread graham crackers with frosting that has been tinted with blue food coloring to represent the sky. Let your little one add white sprinkles all over the frosting to make a snowy day cookie. On another cookie, together draw a circle and rays with yellow decorator icing for a sunny day cookie. Which cookie does your toddler like best?

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