How Facebook Very Useful for Toddlers Education

With more than one billion users as of March 2013, Facebook is one of the largest and most popular social media sites on the Internet. This means that there are some definite advantages to creating a Facebook presence for your company.

Not only does Facebook provide you with a free method of engaging your customers, it also has tools that offer valuable insights. By interacting with customers on Facebook, and giving them a platform to share their experiences, you can build a community around your company or product.


Once your Facebook company page reaches at least 30 likes, you can start using insights. Insights provide you with anonymized demographic data about the people that like your page and allow you to see what kind of impact your posts have. Information such as the gender and age of your customers as well as languages and cities can help you to create advertising campaigns tailored to your fans.

The reach and engagement measurements allow you to create posts that will reach the maximum audience, which in turn will grow your page.

Community Building

The information posted by your customers on your Facebook company page allows you to see exactly what their opinions are. If customers have any queries, you can immediately respond to the queries, which might prevent customers from voicing their dissatisfaction elsewhere.

Posting regular questions that are relevant and interesting will prompt customers to reply and share your posts. Fans can also share their own stories and have discussions about your company, which helps to build a sense of community.


The large user base means that advertising on Facebook gives you exposure to a wide audience. Facebook allows you to create ads that appear in the right column of Facebook, as a sponsored story or as a news feed story. You can even target specific age groups or locations.

Facebook is also useful for informing your customers of new sales or promotions that are happening. Those who are interested will share the information with friends, which gives you valuable exposure without having to spend money.

Showcasing Products and Services

Facebook allows you to upload photos and videos that can be used to showcase your products or services. You can also encourage customers to post photos of themselves using the product or service.

While this requires moderation to prevent spam, it can encourage interaction and fans are more likely to share the photos with their friends who in turn will like your page. Since the photos and videos are hosted on Facebook, you do not have to worry about your business website or blog not being capable of handling the load.

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