How Strategies to Help Toddlers with Hearing Impairments

Solid Core Speaker Cable Benefits
How to Share Solid Core Speaker Cable Benefits

There’s no shortage of speaker wire brands, design and engineering philosophy. Solid core and stranded speaker wires comprise the two predominant cabling types, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Solid core wires, also known as Litz wires, are not as common but have very specific electrical advantages. These properties cause many audio enthusiasts to […]

How to Set Social Learning Goals for Preschoolers
How to Set Social Learning Goals for Preschoolers

Sometimes your child’s behavior can embarrass you. Whether he has just whacked another preschool child with a block or threw a tantrum at the grocery store, his behavior can leave you wishing that social skills came programmed with the child. Preschool curriculum includes social skill activities to help tame and train his behavior. You can […]

Mapping Applications on a Smartphone For Toddlers
How to Mapping Applications on a Smartphone For Toddlers

Handheld GPS units are dedicated single-function devices used for hiking and land navigation, including a hobby called geocaching. Smartphones are general purpose computing devices that have a lot of different functions. Smartphones, like cell phones before them, are part of a trend that converges several formerly separate devices into one gadget. The camera phone has […]

How to Create Winter Themed Activities for Preschoolers
How to Create Winter Themed Activities for Preschoolers

Is the long, dreary winter making you and your preschooler stir crazy? Or, maybe, the dog days of summer have you dreaming of a white winter. Whatever your situation, winter-themed activities are a fun way to explore some scientific properties with your preschool child. Intrigue your budding mini-scientist with these cool experiments. Measuring Snow Tired […]

Food and Child Behavior
How to Make Preservatives in Food and Child Behavior

Will all the mystery ingredients on food labels, you likely wonder if some of these chemical names are affecting your child’s behavior — specifically, all the preservatives found in crackers, cookies and pretty much anything that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Well, experts can’t agree on preservatives and their behavior, but there are plenty of […]

Sibling Relationship
How Preschoolers Dealing with Sibling Relationship

The ugly side of some sibling relationships is sibling rivalry. It seems like some kids go out of their way to fight, tease, or compete with their older and younger siblings. There are lots of reasons why siblings don’t get along, from competing for their parents’ attention to trying to assert their own independence. The […]

Teaching Strategies
How to Share Preschool Teaching Strategies

Most preschoolers are hands-on, or kinesthetic, learners. They often use their whole body to paint a picture (think of children gathered around an easel) or use the entire room as a dance floor for their favorite song, and you can use this to your advantage when teaching your preschooler. By incorporating movement and sensory exploration […]

preschool vs no preschool statistics
Preschool Students Versus Non-Preschool Students Skip

While you have probably been pressured to sign your child up for a quality, competitive and often costly preschool since your baby was in utero, you might find yourself wondering if the benefits of preschool are as profound as some would like to proclaim. Whether you feel that your child needs socialization or academic instruction […]

make family puppets
How to Prepare Preschool Stick Puppet Crafts

Puppets are magical toys and a source of motivation to young children. Would you believe your preschooler might talk to a puppet in a situation where he won’t talk to you? A puppet can become your child’s best friend. Stick puppets are only one form of this art, plus they’re fun to make. So, let’s […]

Preschool Play-Dough Activities
How to Learn Preschool Play-Dough Activities

Opening new containers of play-dough can quicken the hearts of both preschoolers and moms. Nothing compares to the sight of that brightly-colored cylinder of dough, or the smell of it–like a plastic muffin. The best part? Mom gets a little quiet time while the kids are practicing small-motor skills and engaging in creative, unstructured play. […]

Preschool Mother’s Day Crafts With Tea Towels Skip

Present Mom with the perfect gift on Mother’s Day — perfect because it’s handmade with love. Tea towels might seem like a relatively unexciting kitchen adornment, but with a little creativity and imagination, your child can transform them into amazing works of art that any mother would love to show off with pride. Tea Towel […]

preschool math skills checklist
How to Prepare Preschool Math Checklist

When you hear at your child’s play date that another 4-year-old kid counts to 1,000, takes violin lessons, reads second-grade books and has a Mandarin tutor, you might think you are late getting the ball rolling on academics for your preschooler. Before you start pushing your child into formal learning too early, you should read […]

How to Learn Preschool Color Naming Activities

Learning colors seems like a simple task — once your preschooler learns to identify the different hues, he’s well on his way toward learning basic science concepts. Skip the flashcards because they’re boring for both of you. Instead, invite your kiddo to play games, do experiments and get crafty with you. He’ll have so much […]

Classroom Birthday Ideas
How to Learn Preschool Classroom Birthday Ideas

Some parents go all out when it comes to their kids’ birthday celebrations. It’s tough to compete with backyard bounce houses and over-the-top party activities. The good news is that preschool classroom celebrations are small-scale events — and you have several easy and affordable options for sharing your birthday star’s special day with his classmates. […]

Birthday Activities for Fall Skip
How to Learn Preschool Birthday Activities for Fall Skip

Fall is here! There’s no better time of year to throw a wonderful, memorable child’s birthday celebration that takes advantage of the weather, traditions, sights and sounds of the season. The possibilities are endless in planning preschool birthday activities for Fall. Monster Mash Costume Bash Every child loves dressing up, and the best time to […]

Preschool Activities With Acorns
How to Learn Preschool Activities With Acorns

Your preschooler probably comes home and says she didn’t learn anything that day. What? She spent hours at school and didn’t learn a thing? Preschoolers learn by playing, so she’s gathering new information each day, but she doesn’t realize it. Reinforcing what she learns at school is a fun way to build on her knowledge, […]

Preschool Activities to Reinforce Positive Behavior Skip

Encouraging your child’s positive behavior is much more pleasant than responding to negative behavior. You hate being the one to always say, “Don’t do that,” “Stop that right now” or “If you don’t stop, I’m going to…” If every other word out of your mouth seems to include correcting your preschooler, you might consider positive […]

How to Learn Preschool Activities on Horses

Got a little animal lover in the house? Teach your little guy all about horses with some artful crafts, tasty treats and even a little mother and son field trip. You never know, some preschool-age horse activities to entertain him now may foster a lifelong love of these magnificent creatures. Up Close & Personal Plan […]

How to Learn Preschool Activities in Greenbelt
How to Learn Preschool Activities in Greenbelt

Just because Greenbelt is right next door to Washington D.C. doesn’t mean that it pales in comparison when it comes to activities for your little one. While it might not have national museums or the home of the president, this Maryland suburb has plenty to offer families with preschoolers. From cool cultural activities to outdoor […]

How to Share Preschool Activities About Buttons

Button, button — who’s got the button tin? You mumble to yourself as you look for buttons to replace a button on a shirt. Could it be that your preschooler has dumped the contents of the tin on his bedroom floor? Buttons may seem a necessity of life, but to your preschooler buttons represent a […]

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