Making Halloween Picture Frames for Kids Skip

Making Halloween Picture Frames for Kids Skip
Making Halloween Picture Frames for Kids Skip

Halloween is all about costumes and candy, friends and fun. Make Halloween-themed picture frames to display seasonal art, a poem or a snapshot of your little one in costume. The best part about it — there are no expensive supplies needed. Gather a few items from around the house to make Halloween picture frame  keepsakes. […]

Making an Egyptian Costume for Children
How To Making an Egyptian Costume for Children Skip

Whether you’re planning a historic costume for a night of trick-or-treating for your little guy or he just wants to take a trip back in time during dress-up play, you can make the costume a success for some picture-perfect moments. If you’re not a crafty gal, don’t worry–there’s no sewing, knitting or any other artsy […]

Making a Kids' Halloween Costume of Grapes
Making a Kids’ Halloween Costume of Grapes Skip

With neighborhood streets teeming with kids dressed up as the latest Disney princess or superhero du jour, it’s refreshing to see a tot keeping it simple with a costume based on his favorite fruit. Grapes aren’t just an enduring toddler snack — they make a great Halloween costume, too. Best of all, this costume’s simple […]

companions for frequent travelers
Is GPS units are useful companions for frequent travelers?

Magellan is a manufacturer of popular GPS navigation units. Founded in 1986, the company holds several hundred technology patents and was an early leader in navigation technology. The most common Magellan GPS units are designed for vehicle use and can route drivers using interactive maps. While all car GPS devices share common functions, some have […]

Lunch Box Food Ideas for 4-Year-Olds
Lunch Box Food Ideas for 4-Year-OldsSkip

When a 4-year old starts preschool, they often find themselves with an open lunch box and the awesome freedom to eat what’s in it — or not. Your child’s peers will often influence his eating behavior, so making the food appealing to your child as well as the kids around him is half the battle. […]

Long-Term Effects of a Child Being Adopted by Foster
Long-Term Effects of a Child Being Adopted by Foster

About 800,000 children are part of the foster care system in the United States, according to, and it’s just sad to think that this is the reality for so many children. Foster parents often are amazing beacons of hope who swarm in to save the day when little ones have been neglected or abused. […]

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