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Leigh Valley Children Activitie
Lehigh Valley Children Activities Preschooler Skip

Families in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley don’t have to travel to the big city to find enjoyable activities for their little ones. Enjoy aquatic activities or fun in the snow, a morning of discovery at a museum or an afternoon of exploring at the zoo. From water slides to hay rides, the valley is a treasure […]

Families in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley
Leaving Your Military Medals to Your Children Skip

Military medals are something to be proud of. So is being a parent.  It’s understandable that it occurs to many military and ex-military service people to pass a bit of that heritage on to their children. While toddlers and preschoolers might be a bit young to understand and appreciate the gift of your military medals, […]

Least Expensive 4-Year-Old Birthday Ideas
Least Expensive 4-Year-Old Birthday Ideas Skip

“Mom, can I have a birthday party?” asks your 4-year-old. You didn’t expect this question until she at least entered school. But, here you are, faced with the dilemma of how to afford a party or event that will please your child. Stop stressing! Many alternatives exist to hosting a preschooler birthday party with all […]

How To Teach Learning Toys & Games for Toddlers
How To Teach Learning Toys & Games for Toddlers

Playtime becomes noisier, messier and more active as 1-year-old babies grow into 2-year-old toddlers. Kids learn through play. Blowing bubbles and finger painting with pudding is … Although you can spend a lot of money on toys and entertainment for a toddler, this is an unnecessary expenditure to keep your child occupied. Toddlers do enjoy […]

How To Make Traditional Learning Styles in Toddlers
How To Make Traditional Learning Styles in Toddlers

Watching your toddler learn seems more like a lesson in chaos than traditional learning — the rambunctious rascal seems to always be on the go, all the while taking in information. Learning isn’t one-size-fits-all, so you might have noticed your toddler doesn’t learn the same way his older sister did. It can be exhausting to […]

Learning Patterns In Children
Viral Sharing of Learning Patterns In Children

When it comes to learning, young children vary so much that it’s pretty difficult to identify patterns that apply to all of them. That’s why it makes more sense to split the little monkeys into different learning groups. Your toddler or preschooler has his own special way of learning — and it’s up to you […]

Learning Opportunities for Children Ages 3 to 4
Learning Opportunities for Children Ages 3 to 4 Skip

Young children learn things every day because they have so much to learn. “Look, Momma, a caterpillar. What’s it doing?” This can spark a teachable moment if you’re willing to respond. From learning self-care to observing nature, you can explore and learn with your child. His hunger for learning might tire you out, but his […]

Promote Physical Development for Four Year Olds
Promote Physical Development for Four Year Olds Skip

Four-year-olds are often full of energy and love to move around, using their bodies to run, jump and climb. This is also a time when they are learning many new skills that they will need when they go to school, such as counting, letter recognition, colors and shapes. There are many activities that combine the […]

Common Learning disabilities in Children
Viral Sharing of Common Learning disabilities in Children

Learning disabilities can affect kids from every background and upbringing. There are a wide variety of different learning disabilities, varying in severity and treatment methods. If you suspect that your child has a learning disability, talk to his pediatrician or the teachers in his preschool or daycare to figure out the next step. Tempting as […]

Learning Activities for Toddlers With Down Syndrome
Learning Activities for Toddlers With Down Syndrome Skip

You already know that your Down syndrome toddler has special needs that present extra challenges for everyone. But when you use learning activities for toddlers with Down syndrome, you’re not only bonding, you’re teaching at the same time. Entertaining and educational activities let you have fun and relax together with your little one. Ideal Playthings […]

Hash Trends of LCD vs LED Technologies
Hash Trends of LCD vs LED Technologies

There’s no shortage of confusion in the television market as new technologies emerge. A prime example of this is the presence of two related yet different technologies in LCD and LED-based LCD high-definition televisions. Most older and currently less expensive displays use cold cathode fluorescent lighting, or CCFL. Newer and higher-end displays use light-emitting diodes, […]

Layered Drink Recipe With Grenadine for Kids Skip
Layered Drink Recipe With Grenadine for Kids Skip

Why should kids miss out on all the fun of fancy cocktails that parents enjoy just because they need theirs to be alcohol free and G-rated? There are several different fancy-looking drinks that parents can make for their kids’ parties or special occasions like New Year’s Eve. Grenadine is perfect for making layered drinks, as […]

Viral Sharing Information of Laptops & Magnetic Dangers
Viral Sharing Information of Laptops & Magnetic Dangers

Since the early days of floppy disks, magnetic interference has been feared for the possibility of erasing data. In fact, a simple store-bought magnet can completely wipe out a floppy disk with ease. This fear has transferred into modern technology such as your laptop. Considering that many laptop accessories have magnets built into them, magnets […]

How To Make Homemade Lap Trays for School Childrens

A dining table, art table and storage container in one — lap trays are inexpensive, available in a variety of different designs and ideal for a multitude of purposes. Leave a few subtle hints around Mother’s Day and your kiddo’s lap tray might just be used to bring you breakfast in bed. Store-bought Lap Trays […]

Learning to talk for toddler's development
Learning to talk for toddler’s development

Learning to talk is one of the most important milestones in a toddler’s development. Parents, especially first-time parents, often feel anxious if their child does not say his … For many moms, hearing a baby’s first words is like waiting for water to boil: You know it is going to happen; you know when it […]

Language Development Activities for Two-Year-Olds
Language Development Activities for Toddlers Skip

Isn’t it exciting when you hear your toddler’s first words? And yet, the babbling gets to be too much some days when you wish you were on a deserted island! But your little one counts on you as his role model for language development. You can help your toddler build upon his vocabulary by frequently […]

Lack of Self-Control in ToddlersSkip
Lack of Self-Control in ToddlersSkip

The ability to control feelings and emotions usually comes with maturity. Because learning self-control is a process, parents often experience a lack of self-control in toddlers. While not pleasant, these behavior issues are normal in young children. Once you understand your toddler’s actions and the reasons behind them, encouraging more acceptable behavior will be the […]

The Loving Story of Labradoodles and Children
The Loving Story of Labradoodles and Children

Labradoodles, that exciting and invigorating combination of Labradors and poodles, might be the ideal addition to your family. Although these dogs need your interaction and attention, they also have a loving nature that makes them good with children. Explore what’s involved with adding a labradoodle to your family to see whether you have what it […]

How to Donate Kind of Books for Young Toddlers
How to Donate Kinds of Books for Young Toddlers Skip

Reading aloud introduces your child to literacy skills, builds her vocabulary and gives her a vivid imagination. It also gives you a chance to sit down and rest after spending hours chasing after your little one. She won’t have an interest in classics like “Romeo and Juliet” or “Moby-Dick” just yet, but you can still […]

Howe to make the Kindergarten for preschoolers
How to make the Kindergarten for preschoolers

Moving from preschool or home to kindergarten is a major milestone, fraught with nerves, uncertainties and unknowns for children and parents. But if you foster a sense of … Math is a vital skill for kindergarteners, but it’s challenging to come up with entertaining ways to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom. Skip the practice […]

Tested Recipes for Toddlers
Viral Sharing Kid-Tested Recipes for Toddlers

Toddlers are picky eaters, and sometimes they play with more of their meal than they eat. Keying into what they enjoy munching on and knowing that it’s healthy too is like hitting a gold mine! Luckily, many parents have gone down this road before you, and their “test kitchens” have yielded plenty of recipes that […]

Viral Sharing of Kids' Peanut Butter Fudge
Viral Sharing of Kids’ Peanut Butter Fudge

The kitchen is the heart of your home. As a mom, you sure do spend a lot of time there — more than you would like, probably. Bring your kids into the kitchen with you and make cooking a family affair. If you are looking for a dessert that your kids can help make, fudge […]

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