Viral Sharing of Kid Friendly Desserts for Easter Skip

Even if an over-sized rabbit visits your house during the night and leaves baskets of goodies for your little ones, that doesn’t mean you should skip an Easter dinner dessert. The holiday only comes around once a year — and an appropriate Easter dessert is something the whole family will enjoy. The day after Easter is a good time to start rationing sugary things — and this way you get to watch your munchkins’ eyes light up at the sight of a special Easter dessert.


Calling fruit a dessert is one sure way to get your little one to eat it. Spoon sliced strawberries into pastel cups over lemon yogurt and add a dollop of whipped cream or ice cream to each, or cut sliced pineapple into egg shapes and dip half of each piece into melted dark chocolate. Make individual tarts using store-bought pie crust, pudding and mixed berries, or make a single berry-filled pie topped with pie crust and decorated with small pieces of pie crust in bunny or egg shapes, which you can cut out using cookie cutters.


Ah, that simplest of kid-friendly desserts — the humble cookie! For an Easter dinner with a casual vibe — or when you simply don’t have time for anything else — buy a batch of store-bought sugar dough and use Easter-themed cookie cutters on the dough. Let the munchkins decorate them with pastel-tinted frosting, or decorate oval cookies to resemble tinted Easter eggs. Frost each cookie with a single color, then drizzle a few shades of colored frosting across each one and drag toothpicks across the top to create a marbled appearance. If you want a slightly more adult-friendly cookie preparation, sandwich pairs of cookies together with fruit jam in between the layers, and then sprinkle confectioners sugar onto the top of each sandwich.


Whipping up a decorated Easter cake with kids underfoot will bring you praise and admiration from your legions of fans. In reality, the invention of boxed cake mixes makes the endeavor an easy nap-time job. Bake, cool, assemble and frost a two-layer cake in whatever flavor you like. Consider using carrot cake mix to drive home the holiday’s bunny theme — and you can even sneak some veggies like shredded zucchini or carrots into the mix. Break plastic Easter eggs in half and press them, open side down, into the top of the cake — and then drizzle green frosting on top. Or, you can press green-tinted coconut all over the cake to resemble grass. As an alternative, decorate the cake with marshmallow chicks, or pipe frosting flowers all over using a pastry bag with decorative tips.


Serving a chocolate-laden dessert on Easter has a few benefits. Not only will it be a hit with everyone in your crew, but it’s a chance to con some of the candy away from your kiddos. Arrange for the Easter Bunny to put some of each child’s candy into a bag labeled “Give to Mom for Easter dessert.”  Kids will feel like they’re contributing and likely won’t complain about giving up half their candy if they feel like it was always intended for another purpose. Crush miniature candy bars and chocolate candies and sprinkle them onto ice cream sundaes, use them to top frosted cupcakes or bake them into the center of brownies.

Author: vijayanand