Viral Instructions for a Logitech Cordless Keyboard

Logitech offers several models of cordless keyboards, giving you the freedom to type on your computer without the constraint of wires. There are three components to these keyboards: the keyboard itself, a USB stick that receives wireless signals from the keyboard and transmits them to the computer, and the software and keyboard drivers contained on the CD or available from Logitech’s website. You can customize the keys on your keyboard using the Logictech SetPoint software after installing it on your computer.


Installation of a Logitech cordless keyboard consists of inserting the USB stick into your computer, turning on the keyboard and then inserting the installation CD into the computer. Before you can power on the keyboard, you will need to remove the plastic tab protruding from the battery compartment. The CD includes the instructions needed to set up the keyboard, including the Logitech SetPoint Software required to use all of the features on the keyboard, including function keys and hot keys.

Hot Keys

Logitech cordless keyboards include a number of extra keys that run along the perimeter of the keyboard. Known as hot keys, these control specific functions on your computer and can be identified by the image on each key. Hot keys include volume-control buttons, a button to launch your calculator, and zoom controls. Additional hot keys are designed specifically for Windows programs, like Photo Gallery, Media Player and Windows Media Center.

Function Keys

The function keys running along the top of a Logitech cordless keyboard, from F1 to F12 will perform specific tasks when you press one while simultaneously holding down the “Fn” key (located on the right side of the Spacebar). The F1 key opens your word processor. The F2 key opens your spreadsheet program. F3 opens your calendar. F9 opens your email application. F10 opens your Internet search engine. F11 checks the status of your battery. F12 opens and closes the CD-DVD tray.

Customizing Keys

You can customize the tasks performed by hot keys and function keys by using the Logitech SetPoint Software. To see the use for each button or change the tasks assigned to them, launch the SetPoint program and click the “Hot Key” button at the top of the left menu. To see the tasks triggered by the other keys or to select a different task for a key, launch the SetPoint program and click the “F” button in the left menu.

Author: vijayanand