Methodist Church Activities to Celebrate Family Day Skip

“Mommy, we go to Family Day? We have a family, so it’s our day!” says your little one. Many United Methodist Churches observe Family Day as a way to celebrate and minister to families inside and outside the church. The event welcomes unchurched families to consider that Methodist church their new church home. Most Methodist congregations celebrate the event between mid-May and Labor Day, but each church chooses the best possible day for their congregants and the appropriate activities.Food

What would a family event be without food? The Methodist church might ask families to bring a dish, grill hamburgers or hot dogs, serve barbeque or crank out an ice cream social. Your little one might fill up on sweets or junk food, but one day’s worth of questionable nutrition won’t hurt her. One awesome thing about Methodist church dinners is the vast amount and variety of food cooked by some of the church’s best cooks.Children’s Activities

Methodist Family Day includes many children’s activities for every age. A bounce house offers an enjoyable activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Face painting, fishing for plastic fish in a barrel, ball tosses and water balloon fights keep your child occupied. He has lots of opportunity to run off excess energy so you can enjoy watching him when he finally drops into an exhausted slumber.Adult Activities

While your little one is busy with age-appropriate activities, you might play a game of softball, volleyball, basketball or shop through items church members have brought to the event. Family Days often include rummage and craft sales, baked goods and other items that appeal to families, with the money often going to support the church’s family ministries. Parents often have time to chat with each other as they watch their children play and participate in children’s activities. You might have the opportunity to tell community members about your Methodist church and why it’s a good place for your entire family. This effort can bring in new kids who will become friends with your little one.Family Activities

Some of the activities are geared to family units. Crafts, such as making beaded prayer and faith bracelets, decorating a family prayer box or creating a family devotional book, invite families to make spiritual activities a regular part of their weekly schedule. Your church might set up a biblical town scene that invites the family to register for the census like the one during the time of Jesus’ birth, get up close and personal with farm animals, grind spices and learn the ancient arts of bread-making or pottery. The event might include drama or musical productions delivered by talent found within the church congregation. Volunteers staffing the event make sure each family feels welcome and that each person is told, “God loves you and so do we.”

Author: vijayanand