Making Halloween Picture Frames for Kids Skip

Halloween is all about costumes and candy, friends and fun. Make Halloween-themed picture frames to display seasonal art, a poem or a snapshot of your little one in costume. The best part about it — there are no expensive supplies needed. Gather a few items from around the house to make Halloween picture frame  keepsakes.

Easy Foam Pumpkin

Cut out an 8-inch wide pumpkin from a sheet of orange craft foam. Don’t worry if your pumpkin is odd-shaped — it’ll look whimsical and cute. Cut a 4-by-6-inch oval or rectangle out of the center. Glue a small magnet to the top and back side of the frame. Tie a small piece of green ribbon around the “stem,” tape a drawing or photo to the back of the frame and display it on the fridge.

Seasonal Decoupage

Cut random snippets of orange and black fabric, construction paper, scrapbook paper and Halloween-themed pictures from magazines. Glue them to the border of a plain, wooden picture frame from a craft store and seal with one coat of craft varnish. You can also cut a circle out of a paper dessert plate and use the rim as your picture frame. Staple a loop of black or orange ribbon on the top edge for hanging.

Wooden Sticks

Make a whimsical wooden picture frame with tongue depressors, a bit of glue, odds and ends from around the house and a bit of imagination. Lay eight tongue depressors side by side on a flat surface, then glue three tongue depressors perpendicular and evenly spaced across them. After the glue has dried, turn it over and glue two more tongue depressors, one along each long edge. Space them apart just enough that you’ll be able to slide a 4-by-6-inch photo in place. Glue two more, one across each end of those. Paint with non-toxic orange paint or glue googly eyes, black buttons, plastic spiders, or black and orange beads on the surface. These small objects can pose choking hazards for little ones, so be sure to supervise at all times.

Paper Plate Pumpkin

Cut out the center of a paper dessert plate. Turn it over and paint the back with orange tempera paint. Staple a green construction paper stem, artificial leaves and green chenille straw curled to look like a vine to the top edge. Tape a photo or hand-written Halloween poem to the back.

Author: vijayanand