Making a Kids’ Halloween Costume of Grapes Skip

With neighborhood streets teeming with kids dressed up as the latest Disney princess or superhero du jour, it’s refreshing to see a tot keeping it simple with a costume based on his favorite fruit. Grapes aren’t just an enduring toddler snack — they make a great Halloween costume, too. Best of all, this costume’s simple to make, won’t break the bank and can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

Why Grapes?

A bunch of grapes costume doesn’t have to be worn only at Halloween; it works well for school presentations or other events where fruit needs to be represented. Since this costume is cheap and simple to make, it’s not a huge investment of time or money — still, if you can re-use it down the road, all the better.

Supplies Needed

Very few supplies are needed for this costume. (That’s music to a mom’s ears on October 31.) If your kiddo has a green or purple outfit, it will provide a great background for the grapes — but don’t run out and buy one if she doesn’t; just choose another solid color since it will be mostly covered anyway. Long sleeves and pants work best, since you’ll be able to cover more of her body with balloons.You do need purple or green balloons and tape or safety pins to attach the “grapes” to the outfit.

Putting it Together

Blow up the purple (or green) balloons, depending on the type of grapes you want. You’ll need between 10 and 30 balloons, depending on how full you fill them with air. Tie the balloons, then tape or safety pin the balloons to your child’s clothing. If you safety pin them, be sure to only poke the pin through the end of the balloon, below the knot. The pins will hold the balloons on better than tape, but you also run the risk of popping the balloons as you pin them on. You can just do the body or branch out onto his arms and legs as well.

Possible Problems

A main concern about wearing balloons is that they may pop while your tot is wearing them. If a balloon happens to pop, tell your kiddo to consider it a grape that’s already shriveled into a raisin. If she absolutely can’t have any popped balloons, carry a few extra balloons in your pocket. If and when one pops, simply blow up another balloon and pin it in place of the popped one.

Author: vijayanand