Letter O Topics for Preschoolers Skip

Letter topics in a preschool curriculum integrate fun learning activities by helping children successfully recognize and learn the letters of the alphabet, including the letter “O.” Seize the opportunity to encourage your preschooler to tune into the world of letters, words and eventually reading by pointing out the subtle differences in sound and how it relates to speaking, reading and listening.


As a cognitive learning activity, gather items that begin with “O” and place them in a basket. Gather additional items that don’t start with “O” and place these items in another basket. Have each child take one item from the “O” basket and tell you what the object is. Tell the children about the “O” sound, emphasize how to write the letter “O” then again emphasize the “O” sound. Combine the items from both baskets. Have each child go through the basket and pick out only the items that begin with “O.”

Letter “O” Books

For letter “O” week, read one book each day that starts with the letter “O.” A few examples include “Ostriches” by William John Ripple, 2005, “Octopus Soup” by Mercer Mayer, 2011, “Oswald’s Sleepover” by Dan Yaccarino and Gregg Schigiel, 2003, “O is for Orca” by Andrea Helman, 2003 and “Oops, Sorry! A First Book of Manners” by Richard Morgan, 2005. Have your preschoolers make a picture book of letter “O” words to take home and share.

Animals that Begin with “O”

Separate a bulletin board into four sections. Print the words OCEAN, RIVER, FARM and ZOO with three-inch letters at the top of each section.  Decorate each section according to its theme. Cover each section with a different color construction paper: blue, green, yellow and red.  Purchase theme cut-outs of ocean, river, farm and zoo animals from your local craft or teacher’s supply store. Help your preschoolers pick out all of the animals that begin with “O,” emphasizing the letter “O” sound with each choice.

Foods that Begin with “O”

Introduce the letter “O” right before snack time by presenting your preschoolers with a tray of foods that begin with “O.” Introduce each food by emphasizing the letter “O” sound and then the word as you present the item. Oranges, oatmeal cookies, oyster crackers and O-shaped cereals. After snack time, preschoolers can look through magazines and use safety scissors to cut out pictures in magazines of food items that start with “O” such as orange juice, oatmeal, olives, omelets and okra. Make a collage of all their choices. If you don’t want to use safety scissors, the kids can tear out the pages or circle the items with a non-toxic marker.

Author: vijayanand