Letter M Activities for Preschoolers Skip

Letter M is a popular letter among preschoolers because they can form the sound without opening their mouths. Preschools usually teach this letter first for that reason, using tangible and memorable activities. Daily repetition and fun helps young kids remember what was learned. If you hear your child walking through the house naming all the M objects, he’s probably studying the letter M.

Moving Like the Letter M

Kids this age love to get up and move, so create some activities to suit the kinesthetic learner. Play some moving games where your preschoolers move like the letter M. Get the kids in a group and tell them to move like machines. Stand back and watch as their imaginations take over. You’ll probably see lots of robotic movements. Some other letter M movements could be to march like monsters and mop the floors. Or, you can have the kids form the letter M with their bodies on the ground.

M & M Graph

Integrate some math into the M theme by creating an M & M graph. Write the candy’s colors across the top of a sheet of white paper and numbers along the side. Pour out the bag of M & M’s and begin plotting your findings on the graph. Celebrate the completion of the activity by eating the candy.

Macaroni Pictures

Pour out some macaroni shells and let your preschooler arrange and glue them onto construction paper in different shapes. For added fun, use colored macaroni for your preschooler’s picture. Listen as he explains his picture to you. He may even want to make up a story about it. If you hear a crunching sound, you’ll know some of the noodles ended up in his mouth.

Letter M Box

Form a letter box using the letter M. Find a flat, empty box to use and write M, capitalized and lowercase, on the side. Place a few M objects in the box, like a mirror or money. Let your child scour the house, looking for more objects to add. The letter box gives a visual representation of the letter and makes the activity memorable.

Author: vijayanand