Letter H Crafts for Kids Skip in Preschoolers

By working your way through the alphabet, your kiddo should have exposure to the letters for important letter recognition. Keep it fun and nix the pressure. These letter “H” crafts and activities should have a focus on fun instead of hard-core learning. You have plenty of time for more serious learning later.

H is for Hat

An “H” hat might be the perfect addition to your child’s ensemble to help her get a firm idea of what the letter “H” looks like. To begin, you’ll need a standard paper party hat in a solid color. Prepare an uppercase cut-out of the letter “H” in a contrasting color of construction paper – make the “H” about 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide. Give your child plenty of other doodads for decorating her hat – markers, yarn, glitter glue and small shapes of construction paper. Encourage your tot to glue on the letter “H” as well as the other decorations to create a happy hat.

Tissue Paper H

Crumpling and gluing tissue paper will appeal to toddlers and preschoolers. Prepare the outline of the letter “H” on a sheet of brightly colored construction paper, making the outline just a tad smaller than the sheet of paper. Provide your child with several sheets of tissue paper and a bottle of glue. First, squeeze out a generous amount of glue to cover the inside of the “H” shape. Next, tear a small snippet of tissue paper, about 2 inches square. Don’t be hung up about the size, though – it’s not a biggie. Help your child crumple the tissue paper into a tight little wad and stick it onto the wet glue. Keep adding tissue paper crumples until your tot fills the outline with colorful paper.

Hand print Craft

Start with an 11- by 18-inch sheet of construction paper. Draw a large capital “H” in the center of the paper. Tell your child that “handprint” starts with the letter “H,” so you’re going to make a handprint project. Coat both your child’s left and right hands with washable ink and help him press his handprints to the left and right of the letter “H.” Give him some crayons and encourage him to color the “H.”

H is for House

“H” is also for house, so why not make one? Cut out a large capital letter “H” out of construction paper, making it about 8 inches tall and 6 inches wide. Help your child glue the “H” onto another sheet of construction paper. Now it’s time for some imaginative home decor! Help your child draw a roof over the house and add a few windows and a door. She could also add a tree beside the house and some flowers growing in front of the house.