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Bible studies are an important aspect of young Christian education, but tuition fees and resource costs make it difficult for parents to provide their children with quality lessons. Fortunately, several options exist for supplementing your child’s learning experiences with enriching bible lessons without having to spend a dime.

Home Bible Studies

Stay at home moms or parents who home-school young children may benefit from the free bible lesson resources that are available online and through community programs and institutions. Bible study lesson plans and activities, which include a materials list, learning objectives and step-by-step teaching procedures, are available free of charge through nonprofit Christian Ministry Organizations such as Teaching bible lessons at home with free resources saves parents money while creating bonding opportunities between parent, child and God. Lesson plans can be tailored to age and interests, and you get to determine the amount of time you want your child to engage in bible studies each week.

Sunday School

Contact your local parish or surrounding parishes to determine what churches offer Sunday school. Sunday school is provided to children as early as nursery school free of charge, usually during the hour that mass is held for adults. Sunday school incorporates bible studies and Christian teachings in small-group settings where children can work together and establish a relationship with God through activities, learning and play.

Catechism Classes

Many parents assume that Catechism classes are only available to children preparing to make their first Holy Sacraments. In actuality, Catechism classes are available to all children on a regular basis, year round, and incorporate an educational blend of church doctrine, current events and bible lessons. Catechism classes are available to children of all ages, typically one day a week after school, at a local parish, school or community center. Classes are free, but an optional donation to the church may be encouraged Catechism courses are taught by religious clergy or certified lay teachers. To find a catechism class schedule in your area, contact your local parish.

Campus Ministry

If your child attends Catholic school, you can supplement your child’s religious education with free bible lessons through the school’s campus ministry services. Most Catholic schools have a special Campus Ministry department, led by clergy members and other church officiates, which organizes clubs and events dedicated to involving youngsters in Christian education and services. Campus Ministries may offer free bible lessons or be able to connect you with a nonprofit organization that does.

Youth Groups

If your child attends public school, she may be able to join a local church’s youth group program. Church-run youth group programs teach bible studies in an informal, club setting, and often incorporate field trips, fund-raising events and other extracurricular activities in sessions designed for children to learn more about their faith. Contact your school administration board to inquire about any affiliated youth group programs in your area.

Author: vijayanand