How Toddlers Feel Importance of Parents Blessing

You find the earliest references of a parent blessing children in Genesis 9:26-27. Blessing your child expresses your acceptance and approval of her and her priceless worth. A blessing asks God to protect your child and see that she has all she needs. You can bless your child privately or invite family and friends for a public blessing much like a christening. With either option, your blessing builds a special bond with your child.

Significant Touch

Traditionally, parents touch during a blessing. Examples of significant, loving touches include hugs and kisses, pats on the back and holding hands. Your loving touch tells your child you love him. You can hold him close, rest your hands on his head or hold his little hands in yours. He might wiggle and giggle while you bless him, but he knows he is safe, loved and secure with you. You continue blessing him every time you snuggle on the couch, hold hands on a walk, comfort him with he is sick or afraid, tickle him at play or gently touch his face as he sleeps.

The Words

Blessings include loving words that say you love her unconditionally. She hears that she is precious and full of potential. You don’t need fancy or formal words. “I love you this much,” with your hands stretched to the max works just fine. You can encourage and bless her with a simple, “You can do it!” or “I believe in you!” Your continued blessing helps her to say them to herself, to hear them when times are touch and to say them to bless you and others in her life.

Future Focus

Blessings look to the future as you build today. Your child learns to see himself and his possibilities through your eyes. Words are powerful and your blessing teaches him he can do what he sets his mind to do. Tell him often how exciting and blessed his future will be. Your future focus helps him develop strong values and character for a long and successful life. The blessing extends through his life and into the lives of your descendants.

A Covenant

The blessing represents a covenant between you and your child. Your blessing says, “I’m here for you and I will always be here for you.” Your words and actions promise your loving support and care. She knows she’s precious, and grows confident in your love. No gift you give is more important.

Author: vijayanand