How Toddlers Created HTML Based Text Versions of Emails

Email users and online marketers have long been unable to decide whether to use and receive HTML or text versions of emails. Text emails are still widely used but many people are leaning toward HTML based emails since they look better and are more effective in capturing attention. There are both benefits and drawbacks to using HTML that you should consider.

Lack of Uniformity

Not everybody is able to receive HTML email since not all Internet users have HTML capable email clients, which is one major disadvantage of HTML email. For users without an HTML capable email reader, HTML emails will just show up as unreadable or will appear using non-standard fonts, conflicting colors and bad images.

HTML Users and Spam

Many notorious spammers are very skilled at creating flashy HTML graphics in order to sell products, sometimes in an offensive and intrusive manner. As a result, some HTML emails–especially those sent by companies–could be construed as a spam email by the receiver.

Better Results

With HTML based emails, flashy images and full color text and graphics can easily be created. An email that has photos and graphics in it can be much more compelling than plain text. HTML also has the ability to embed links in the email, therefore you can easily create a connection to a website of your choice or to a product or service being advertised.

Author: vijayanand