How Toddlers Celebrate Halloween Birthday Party

As if Halloween isn’t busy enough, your child has a birthday on the holiday as well. Instead of having separate parties, combine your Halloween and birthday party into one wild and spooky event that celebrates all things pumpkins and costumes, as well as the fact that your son is turning four. Skip the witches, goblins and ghouls so you don’t scare your little guests, but don’t be afraid to include jack o’ lanterns, friendly ghosts and costumes. Have plenty of snacks and games, and your party will be a treat instead of a nightmare.


A birthday party is nothing without plenty of themed decorations. If your house is already decorated for Halloween, save yourself some work and use those decorations in the party area. Set homemade jack o’ lanterns in various places and hang orange and black streamers from the ceiling. Black and orange balloons get everyone in the party spirit too.

Black paper bats and white paper ghosts with smiling faces add flair to the party as well. Fall leaves, gourds, cobwebs and scarecrows are kid-friendly decorations, too.

Snacks and Cake

Of course, your snack table will include Halloween candy, but there are many other ways to create a holiday-themed buffet. One note with candy though: make sure it doesn’t pose a choking hazard, especially if you invite children younger than your son. Serve pretzels, crackers and chips in black plastic cauldrons, or scoop out pumpkins, line them with plastic wrap and fill them with candy corn or candy pumpkins. Dip apples in melted caramel and roll them in orange and black sprinkles. Bake hot dogs in strips of refrigerated dough to resemble mummies.

Make a special birthday cake that’s decorated with orange frosting and black letters. If you’re not a cake decorator, bake cupcakes instead. Let the children decorate them with frosting and sprinkles. Sing “Happy Birthday” to your child before anyone eats their cupcake so he still gets all the glory at the party.

Games and Activities

Encourage your guests to come in costume and have a quick parade so everyone can see the adorable princesses, pirates and superheroes. Cut out a large pumpkin from orange paper and add black eyes and a nose. Ahead of time, cut out black paper mouths and play pin the smile on the jack o’ lantern. Hold a classic game of hot potato, but change the name to hot pumpkin. Have the kids sit in a circle and hand your child a small pumpkin. As spooky music plays, the children pass the pumpkin around the circle.

When the music stops, the child holding the pumpkin is out. Have the guests bob for miniature pumpkins for another laugh-inspiring game. Coloring sheets can keep the children busy so you don’t go out of your mind trying to keep everyone entertained every second.

Additional Ideas

Remind your guests that it’s your son’s birthday by setting aside time to open presents. Keep the Halloween theme going by playing spooky music or by letting your child sit on a huge pumpkin to open his gifts. If the kids are wound up after gift-opening, play a quick game of Halloween “I Spy.” Choose a Halloween object in the room and give the children clues until someone guesses your object. Read Halloween stories to little guests as another entertaining and calming activity.

Author: vijayanand